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The following are sites I have come across and/or have sent information to. Voices of Ajax is a wholly owned entity of no one but myself. The only blogs that I have given permission to link back to me can be found on this page, some have, some do not link to anyone.

I am not affiliated with any Partisan Political blogs of any party. This statement will be copied onto that page and the about me page. The opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

GTA area
Mississauga Muse - Citizen based. Great interest in Openess and Transparency Issues. She has moved to a new url - link is updated Sept. 5 2008.

.Clarington Watch Dog- The writer is annonymous but interesting reading. There are no new blog posts but I do notice meeting notices posted so I won’t delete the link.

CATCH- Citizens at City Hall-  Hamilton area.   From their website
..a volunteer community group that encourages civic participation in Hamilton. Our members attend and report on meetings of city councillors and other City committees, and carry out related research and activities.

Other Ontario sites

Niagara At Large: Independent News Source .   Doug Draper is the founder.

Collingwood-  Enough is Enough -This blog author was responsible for a CBC investigative report a year ago and an OPP investigation.  Not a good example of Council transparency.  He does not want to run for Council himself either, he is just a fan of good accountability and transparency.