Ajax Councillor - Councillor Websites-Social Media contact

Ward 1: Marilyn Crawford :  No website of her own during term.   She does hold Open Houses in various locations throughout her ward.
Her candidate questionnaire is on this blog.

Ward 2: Renrick Ashby: he has a website.   You can follow him on twitter but only if approved.  He has not approved me.
Here is his facebook profile:  Does he currently use it?  Not really sure.   I think it’s been hacked.
You can contact him through his website or call him.   He has scrolling content cycle through the website for readers to be updated on a variety of Town news.
He has regular community open houses.

Ward 3: Joanne Dies:  No Councillor website, She has a facebook profile , she is not on twitter.  Does not hold regular open houses.

Ward 4: Patricia(Pat)  Brown:  She does not have website or social media page. Does not hold regular open houses.

Regional Councillor Ward 1 and 2: Shaun Collier, He does  not have a Councillor website , he is on twitter @Regionalnorth is his id.
He has a facebook profile.  His Candidate Questionnaire is on this site.  He will participate in Ward 1 and Ward 2 Open Houses and has held his own as well.

Regional Councillor Ward 3 and 4: Colleen Jordan: She has a Councillor Website You can read submitted Regional Reports.  She is not on Twitter

Mayor Steve Parish: He does not have a website, he is not on facebook that I can find and he is not on twitter.

Do you care if Councillors are on social media, would you want to be communicated with this way?