Renrick Ashby- Liquor Licence and Zoning infraction Information

This page will be updated as this issue progresses.   The following I received from Nancy Henry.  These are her words.

Renrick Ashby,(Toronto Senior Planner, Ajax Ward 2 Councillor, Nexx Nightclub and Lounge).–ajax-councillor-charged-with-selling-liquor-without-a-licence–ajax-councillor-renrick-ashby-admits-mistake

The post I’m writing today is in reference to a recent article in my local paper concerning Councillor Ashby.

Hi, my name is Nancy Henry. I am a ward 2 resident, former member of Renrick Ashby’s Campaign for 2007, as well I was his opposition in the 2010 election.

Upon reading the recent story in my local paper regarding Councillor Ashby and he Nexx night club, I decided to do some research. I’m going to share the findings with you now and ask some questions!

-Councillor Ashby has 2 court dates on February 12 & 22, Whitby provincial courts, 605 Rossland Road, 9 a.m. February 12 is in room 101. 905-743-2700 provincial courts.

-The Nexx night club has an application before the AGCO, the application has not been approved and may be reviewed by the legal department………

-Durham Regional Police have laid charges against Councillor Ashby as the President of the Nexx night club and lounge in relation to selling liquor without a licence. Staff Sergeant Haskins, Patrol Services Leader of West Division, at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 1915

-Ajax bylaw services…..(has charges against the club and Councillor Ashby for operating an entertainment business without a entertainment licence)…………–ajax-councillor-renrick-ashby-admits-mistake……..

The entertainment licence bylaw applies to bars as well as restaurants that predominantly sell liquor at a certain point.”The restaurants that want to turn at 10 o’clock into a bar are required to carry this licence from the Town and that was passed in 2006 in response to major issues at RimRock,” said Mr. Hannan, adding the Town has never received an entertainment licence application for Nexx Lounge.

-According to the Town of Ajax Official plan on page 227, you can see Nexx nightclub and lounge is located in the red zone schedule E ….

-According to zoning bylaws, page 63….. Nightclubs are only permitted in UC uptown mixed use zones, therefore if I’m understanding the information correctly, the Nexx nightclub and Lounge is in violation of zoning bylaws ….

Questions?…..where did the proceeds of the liquor sold On Dec. 28 & 31 go? By law are you not suppose to report all taxes from liquor sales to the government?

If so, did Nexx night club report tax sales, on liquor sold without a licence to the government? If not, is this not tax invasion or tax fraud?

Question? …..when Councillor Ashby stated…… “An error was made. I take responsibility for it. We’ll rectify it so it doesn’t happen again. I can assure you, the infraction wasn’t malicious.”……

If the infraction wasn’t malicious, how does Councillor Ashby explain opening a bar without a liquor licence? As a city Planner and Town Councillor, surely he knows the law regarding liquor sales! Knowing that he had not received the approved application and yet still went ahead with the opening of the night club would tend to indicate it was a malicious act, would it not? Are you telling me that in Mr. Ashbys capacity as a Senior Planner in Toronto he would advise his applicants to go ahead with their development before the plans were approved? This makes no sense to me, does it to you?

Question?……Councillor Ashby stated……”I am involved, but I’m not involved in an operational sense. Once it’s up and running, I won’t be involved at all.” ……

If mistakes were already made and your name is on the company business as president, don’t you think you should be involved, more so then before? And why would you apply for a liquor licence for a business you want no involvement with?

Question?……As a Councillor, is Councillor Ashby not aware of bylaw regulations regarding the Town of Ajax…in particular the Entertainment Bylaw….BY-LAW NUMBER 160-2006…….

Question?……According to Councillor Ashbys own campaign web site…….……Nexx is a nightspot and Lounge….no mention of a restaurant on his business card. Odd?

“There are “no bylaw services issues there. Our business model falls in line with what’s on the property,” Coun. Ashby said in an interview. “It’s a lounge, restaurant and nightclub. It’s a restaurant and will transition to a nightclub on certain nights.”

The Twitter account for the nightclub includes a link to a party flyer boasting $100 bottles, $60 champagne and $4 Coronas on New Year’s Eve……(I ask you, does this not appear to be a night club?)

-Question? …… The City of Toronto has am employee code…….considering Mr.Ashby works for the City if Toronto full-time, has he broke any part of ths code?……

-Question? …….Has Councillor Ashby broken the Ajax Councillor code of conduct?…..
Don’t take my word for any of this… the research for yourself! Own the truth! It’s the only way you’ll know for sure!

_______________________-Nancy Henry’s text ends here.

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