Durham Region Local Councils Public Meetings listing

This is a page that will link to all of the lower Tier Municipalities Public Meeting listings.

Ajax Public meetings   Note posted date — date of meeting is not always the first date you see.
Link tested April 2013- updated. Site by EsolutionsGroup

Pickering Public Meetings -    RSS Feed is available to watch for new additions to list.   Site by EsolutionsGroup

Whitby Council/Committee Meetings Calendar , I would assume public meetings of any official type would appear here.
Link tested April 2013- new website.  I don’t see a specific link to Public Meetings but they would probably be listed on landing page.
Site by EsolutionsGroup

Oshawa Public Meetings   Link tested April 2013, no specific pubic meeting link so if there was a meeting maybe it would be on the meetings list.
If Oshawa wants to really amaze–  update the website.   I bet EsolutionsGroup has sent info.

Clarington Public Meetings. I can’t find a public meeting listing, I think they use Latest News on the main page. Link tested April 2013.
They pay all their money to the CAO so they have an ugly website.

Uxbridge Public Meetings - They post them on their main landing page. Link tested April 2013 .
They have a pretty site but you have to scroll down to find anything.

Scugog Public Meetings - This appears to be where they would have a public meeting listed.  Link tested April 2013– This site is screaming for help.  The web company has been in business since 1993 and the site looks like it was done in 1993 and the Town site doesn’t look much better.  They charge a lot of tax money I read to those island residents, maybe they have some money to update the website.

Brock Township - Can’t find any specific area of the website called Public meetings so I will assume they would have something on the main page they would want to bring to the attention of Residents.  Link tested April 2013. Basic site.

Durham Region:  Any public meetings would be on the landing start page.

The best website in all of Durham Region I have to say is the Town of Ajax with Pickering a close second.
The Town of Ajax has a new template type site that I am still not 100% sure on some areas but it is still way better then the majority of sites in the Region.

Websites are important with more and more people seeking their information online, if your website is difficult to navigate you risk loosing the engagement of that resident,  or is that the intent?

A Municipality does not have to spend millions of dollars having a decent informative web presence, we have Durham College and I bet students could be recruited to participate, they get experience the Municipality gets a better looking website!

EsolutionsGroup is making their away to a lot of Municipalities.  Hopefully with all the similar templates used , it is keeping cost down for everyone.