Ajax Council 2012 Agenda and Minutes GGC - Planning - Council

These links take you to Ajax Council Agendas and Minutes.  Agendas will indicate also if the Regional Councillors reports are Verbal or online, you can also find links to reports that are presented to council at the meeting in the Agenda.  If no link the meeting date is listed but Agenda info is not available yet or I still have to update it.

The format is PDF files so you need Adobe reader.  Click the links and the files download and open.

General Government Committee- These are the Thursday afternoon meetings, this is where everything but planning is discussed, all Government issues start here.

February 23, 2012  Agenda   Minutes 
This was meeting where Accountabilitystartsatthetop.com was discussed and Mayor was “Scolded”.
March 8       Agenda      Minutes    Special Council Meeting Minutes
March 22 :  Agenda      Minutes
April 5         Agenda      Minutes
April 19 -    Agenda      Minutes
May 10        Agenda     Minutes
May 24        Agenda     Minutes
June 7         Agenda      Minutes
June 21       Agenda      Minutes

CAP- Community Affairs and Planning — These meetings are all things planning,  Development issues,  reports about Staff recommendations on Site plans,  A Site Plan contains all the conditions developers must meet before they can begin construction on a sub division.

March 19- Cancelled
April 2      Agenda     Minutes
April 16    Cancelled
May 7        Agenda     Minutes
May 22     Agenda      Minutes
June 4       Agenda      Minutes
June 18     Agenda      Minutes

Council Meetings- Normally in the evening on a Monday.  Unless there was a Special meeting that usually follows a GGC meeting. Any issue that is voted on at Council usually had it’s start at a committee meeting or a public meeting or both.  Technically things can change between Committee and Council — but not usually.

February 13  Agenda - Minutes
Regional Councillors reports are both online- was Verbal on agenda but Link is there.

February 23,  Special Meeting after GGC meeting   .Agenda   Minutes
Regional Councillors reports both verbal no link available currently.

Feb 27th – meeting cancelled — Good Roads Conference was on in the City.  Hopefully we get some good roads out of it.

March 8th- Special Meeting after GGC  Agenda  -  Minutes 
Regional Councillors reports online- Colleen Jordan,
Shaun Collier’s: verbal, no link currently.

March 26th :  Agenda   Minutes
Regional Councillors reports online - Shaun Collier- Fill operation in North Durham, Transit Shelters
, Colleen Jordan  - Widening of Westney Road in phases, 2013 will see Magill to Rossland - hopefully, subject to approvals.
Minutes contain recorded vote regarding the Provincial amendment to ROPA 128, all vote to support , Shaun Votes No.

April 10th   Agenda   Minutes
Regional Councillors reports are online in agenda: Shaun Collier - Transit ,Finance Committee and Regional Council update-
Colleen Jordan - Joint Committee , Regional Council update,  This is the meeting I was at regarding Direct Election.

April 23      Minutes
May 14        Minutes
May 28        Minutes
June 11         Agenda     Minutes
June 21        Agenda    Minutes      - Mayor Absent on Town Business , Regional Council Reports are not online in Agenda.  Verbal at Meeting.   Durham Region Cycling Report Referred to Staff for feedback by Sept 30 2012.  Here is a link to the page with information on it.
There I have made it easy for all of you to stay informed!  :)