This page is for Attendance at Regional committee meetings and Council meetings. I don’t have time to always read minutes but the attendance is right at the top and they do make a note if you arrive late or leave early.

We pay our Regional councillors to represent us at that level as well,  In addition to the main council meeting they are appointed to committees,  do not think that these committee meetings are not important, the council meeting is based on the majority of the work being done at the Committee level otherwise the council meetings would be far far longer.

The reason I am starting this page is — I have asked the Town of Ajax to include in regular minutes and online our Regional Councillors reports,  that means they are reporting to Ajax council their activities at the Region. It never happens , I asked again today- Feb 24, 2012.

I will have all three Regional Councillors attendance on this page- The Mayor Steve Parish, Shaun Collier and Colleen Jordan.

I will start with the Mayor’s attendance at the committee he is on– Health and Social Services. This is an important committee especially since the downloaded costs years ago.  The money involved can be large.

Committee appointments are for 4 years terms.

2010 Mayor Parish Health and Social Services Committee

First Meeting of being on Committee- Absent no reason

2011 : Meetings start around 9:30 am - 10 am.  Thursdays it appears to be.

Jan 27 : Absent no reason given
Feb 17: Absent  no reason given
Mar 10: Absent no reason given
Apr 7:  WOW he is there
May 5:  WOW he is there and brought Shaun Collier
May 19: Absent no reason given
June 9: Absent no reason given
Sept 8– summer off even-  Absent- Municipal Business as reason
Sept 22 Absent no reason given
Oct 13: Absent no reason given
Nov 3- Absent no reason given
Nov 24: Medical Reason—–  good thing he is not the President of USA or it would be my business to know what the medical reason is.

Jan 26: 1 hour late
Feb 2: Absent no reason given.
Mar 8- Arrived 10:38 am and left at 11:56 am — (this is after the news article) Hospital update was given request that update is semi-annual as opposed to annual,  Central LHIN information via EMS report.  Here is a link, I am glad Mr. Parish was able to make it to this meeting.  Here is a link to the minutes.
April 5- Absent on Municipal Business  - Discussion about committee attendance and possible procedural bylaw changes when direct election of chair changes will be done.  This is an issue to watch.  The way committees are created is ridiculous and needs to be changed.  Councillors need to do the work and citizens need to have their vote.  When a Councillor can not attend a meeting he should be able to send a designate in his place.  That’s what I think.  Committees also have to ensure they are being productive with Councillors time.
April 26: Arrived at 9:37 am,  meeting started at 9:30 am
May 17: Arrived at 9:40 am
June 7:  Absent:  No reason given
Sept 6: Attended for part of the meeting
Sept 20: Absent: no reason given ,
Oct 11: Arrive at 9:37 left at 10:33
Shaun Collier - Finance and Administration Committee- First Term as Regional Councillor


Jan 18: Present
Feb 8- Present
Mar 1- Present
Mar 2- Present
Mar 29- Present
April 6- Present
Apr 19- Present
May 10- Present
May 31- Present- 10 min late
June 8- Present
June 21- Present
June 29- Absent
Sept 13- Attended part of the meeting
Sept 21- Absent
Oct 4- Present
Oc 25- Present
Nov 23- Absent
Dec 6- Present

Jan 17- Present
Feb 7- 40 mins late
Feb 8- Present
Feb 28: left the meeting at 10:11 am
Mar 27:Present
Apr 4: Present
Apr 17:Present
May 8: Present
May 29: Present
June 19: Present
Sept 11: Started at 9am left at 9:45 am
Sept 19: Present
Oct 2: Present:  Rosemary McConkey addressed the committee about webstreaming being put in regional 2013 budget for Council and Committee meetings.  Will follow up her.
Oct 23: Present
Colleen Jordon- Works Committee - Previously was on Health and Social Services Committee


Jan 12-  Present
Feb 2- Present
Feb 23- Present
April 13- Present - Shaun Collier attended as well
May 4- Present
May 25- Present - Shaun Collier attended as well
June 15- Absent, Municipal Business
Summer Break
Sept 7 - Absent , Personal Matter, 2 other Councillors same reason , I think I remember about a funeral for someone.
Sept 28- Present
Oct 19- Present
Nov 9- Present
Nov 30- Present

Jan 11- Present
Feb 1- Present

Regional Council Meeting Attendance  - Present means - Parish, Jordan and Collier all at meeting.


Jan 26-  Present
Feb 16- Present
Mar 9- Parish Absent Municipal Business
Apr 16- Parish late- 10:20 am arrival left meeting at 1:45 pm
Apr 27 - Present
May 18- Present
June 8- Present
June 29- Parish left at 1:15pm
Sept 21- Parish arrive at 10:10 am
Oct 12- Present
Nov 2- Parish left at 11:50 am -Jordan Absent
Nov 23- AM session: Parish Absent PM session- Parish Absent
Dec 14 - AM session: Parish Absent PM session Parish Absent  Collier left at 2:15pm

2012  -

Jan 25- Present
Feb 15- Present
Mar 7 - Present

Notes:  August 19-22 is AMO conference, all municipalities appointed a delegate except Ajax,  does that mean we are not sending anyone or they are all going or Ajax itself will send a delegate, no idea.  But let’s keep a watch on this.  Do all the Councillors need to go to AMO conference– No.