Letters to the Editor -Updated April 10, 2009

These are links to Letters to the Editor that I have submitted. If they relate to the theme of this blog I will add the link there. They all will open in new window- close to return to post. News Advertiser is probably happy I have this blog so I don’t need to send them letters all the time, I gave them the month of November off.

Local News Advertiser- Metroland


1) The quest to understand salary increases in double digits for the CAO
Why is it so difficult to get a straight answer? that is all I am after.


1) Hospital and Ombudsman issue- April 2008 -

2) Ajax should have Farmers Market- I do want to see this happen and am investigating some avenues.

3) Charge for Regional Parking in Garage. October 6, 2008
Parking garages are not low cost buildings. The Regional headquarters has people from everywhere in that building and those that park in the garage all day for free should pay something. What happens if it needs to be added on to, will it still be free ?

2007 and earlier

1) Budget 101 September 2007

2) Miles Park and Landswap- In Camera Meetings April 2007

3) Employment Lands - Team Ajax Jan 2007

4) Get Mad and Vote- Nov. 2006

5) Cullen Miniatures Issue- Oshawa, yes I had to stick my 2 cents worth in. Oct 2007

6) Mayor should quit lawyering day job. December 2007
Ok I was wrong he has not been a lawyer for a year it seems. Sorrryyyyyy !
(At least we all know this now)

Toronto Star- Pushy Parrish – She is the former M.P. that called George Bush a Bastard. I know she grandstands but she sits at that table and asks questions that need to be answered in Public.

Liberal Leadership Selection. Oct 17, 2008. One Member One Vote, I have a facebook group set up for this initiative.