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This category is called Thinking outloud and it basically is — a brain dump. Brain dumps are ideas that are not thought out at all but in concept– I think could work or are something worth drilling down on or investigating to see if something worthwhile is there. Maybe a Staff report :) Various topics so if it fits anywhere else it will have more then one category.
The incinerator is in the news and you never read me say on this blog that I was for it or I was against it, I only wanted people to learn about it and read and be aware. The Clarington watchdog stated very well– Need to care enough.

I might be for it because at this stage I really don’t know what else we can do and I am not supportive of landfill.

One thing that I really believe though is citizens must take more of an active role in reducing waste. But guess what — saying it and doing it is two completely different things. I praise myself for using the Sobey’s reusable bags and I take 5 with me each week for groceries then I realize my dependence on Freezer bags and plastic sandwich bags, everytime I send money and a permission slip to the school — it is in a sandwich zip-lock bag. Kitchen catchers in the kitchen and bathroom.

Something came to me while grocery shopping. When I am purchasing my stuff I do look at labels, I read the nutrition info and the packaging info and see that triangle with a number in it, ok it’s recyclable at least and I feel less guilty. Then it remains in the blue box so I make a decision the next time to buy the product again or not.

This leads me to regional-ization of the Grocery store — large department stores.
Another reader commented on garbage and excess packaging and I believe it really comes down to marketing mindsets.

What if when we are strolling the isles– product information according to the REGIONAL Blue box program is available– this does not impact the product itself because the packaging is not altered but a shelf information leaflet or symbol indicating this product is not recyclable in this Waste Service area. In time if consumers are choosing to leave this product on the shelf it will maybe make it’s way to head office because sales figures will show that Durham Region is not buying and it is staying on the shelves– they need to reconsider their packaging choices.

This way the onus is on the customer to make that choice in the store.

I want Durham to find more markets for these other products that are claiming they are recyclable but what about the product manufacturer? — is it feeling it is being responsible by claiming to be responsible to the environment when in reality the market is not large enough for all locations to find a buyer for the product packaging?– I don’t have a clue how things get from the blue box to a buyer– anyone feel free to enlighten me and I bet a lot of other people.

So your homework is— Think about my Grocery Store idea , What is the path from the blue box to some other use for my stuff.
How can I freeze something without a freezer bag? Can I put it in a reusable container and wrap it in something else? These are everyday scenario’s that people face and we need green alternatives. If I don’t keep the air out I end up with freezer burn and the food is wasted then.

Can I wrap stuff in newspaper?

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