My own disclosure

When I opened the blog or shortly after I mentioned that I was friends with a candidate but this blog was formed before we knew Joe was going to win the Provincial seat and therefore cause the by-election.

I opened the blog independently from my friend’s political goals.

He is welcome to comment on posts and he does at times, other candidates have also and I always stated ANY member of council is welcome to comment or email me anything they would like on here.

I am not a member of any provincial political party either as I view it more operational and with my transit interests and other causes that tend to lead me more to Queens Park then Ottawa I chose to not be a member of any party. I want to be an equal opportunity pain in the ass. Joe is on a bit of an extended vacation from me but in time he will get my stuff to think about. Does he have an office yet? an official email address yet?

Federal Level– Yes I am a proud –Mark Holland — Liberal– (Like you couldn’t tell eh?) But this is not a Liberal Blog and any politician is welcome to comment on anything with a LOCAL/Regional perspective. I leave Federal blogging to others.

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