Ajax Ride 4 Youth- My Questions

Each year Councillor Renrick Ashby (He has earned his own category now) has a charity ride Ajax Ride 4 Youth and this charity ride is to raise funds for scholarships at UOIT .  This ride has been in place since 2008 but according to the Canada Revenue Website The Ajax Ride for Youth was registered as it’s own charity foundation in 2012.

Why did it only become a registered charity in 2012? All my questions are being sent to the contact for Ajax Ride for Youth, Melody Ashby for response before this blog is posted.  — Please see the response below, it was received today at 4:53 pm.  It does not directly answer my questions so if you have any, please take your questions to Renrick as well.  I had emailed the Foundation contact who is Melody Ashby but I have also sent an email to Renrick directly.

The first year there is information on durhamregion.com about how the funds were distributed.
Proceeds from last year’s ride helped two families in need in the community. As well, funds went towards $2,000 scholarships for two local students heading to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

How were the funds handled in the years before 2012?  - Bursaries for UOIT it does appear.

The years 2009, 2010 and 2011 are promoted on durhamregion.com but there is no mention of the amount raised for the scholarships.

This is the website http://ajaxride4youth.com/index.htm  in 2012 and 2013 $3000 was donated to UOIT for scholarships each year.

When you go to the CRA website and look up from the charity number Registration no.: 849913702RR0001 the following information is available.



effective date of status2012-09-14

2012 Year .

Receipted donations $6,875 (100%)

Charitable program $124 (4%)
Gifts to other registered charities and qualified donees $3,000 (96%)

The difference is $3,875.00   Where is this amount allocated to?

2013 Year

Receipted donations $4,100 (99%)
Gifts from other charities $61 (1%)
Total revenue: $4,161


Gifts to other registered charities and qualified donees $3,000 (40%)
Other $4,436 (60%)

  • Total expenses: $7,436
  • The description of the Expense classified as Other is this.

    Professional and consulting fees

    $4,068  –

    My question to the Foundation is an explanation of the Professional and Consulting fees and for a one day ride why they are so high?
    $3000 was in the photographed cheque.

    2014 has not been filed yet but the ride did take place and again it states an even $3000 was donated to UOIT Scholarships. This is just information and my questions, nothing more.

     Melody Ashby , contact for Ride 4 Youth:

    Thank you for your queries regarding the Ajax Ride 4 Youth.

    While the inception of the ride and the agreement with UOIT was an
    initiative of Renrick Ashby, it was decided that he would not have any
    direct connection to the ride. It was set up this way deliberately so
    that the ride could continue to raise funds and provide financial
    support indefinitely to students who demonstrate need. We have a
    longstanding agreement with UOIT to pay for 2 bursaries each year and
    wish to be able to continue our partnership for many years to come.

    As your focus appears to be Mr. Ashby, I respectfully decline to discuss
    matters of the ride. Our foundation has been scrutinized by the CRA
    since its inception and they have no issues with it and has shown that
    by granting us charity status.

    Melody Ashby




    4 Responses to “Ajax Ride 4 Youth- My Questions”

    1. Steve Boyd Says:

      Hi Karem:

      Not to be a distraction from the work that you do for Ajacians.

      While I certainly can’t provide a factual response, I can share some general facts about Not For Profit / Charity Organizations.

      With respect to the Ajax Ride 4 Youth program, we in fact have for some years now provided design, web, photo services to them on a pro bono no charge basis. We have 61 such organizations that we do this for. When we take on such a client, we not only provide all services at no charge, we also pay for their annual web hosting and registration as a small cash donation. As it relates to our relationship with the Ajax Ride 4 Youth project, this is the case.

      Generally, I can tell you that it is not uncommon for a “good cause” project to begin their efforts, collect donations, and distribute those donations without being a registered charity or not for profit. The process of registering as such can take some time. While I have had no inner working knowledge of the Ajax Ride 4 Youth finances, I can also share based on my experience that is it not uncommon to spend several thousand dollars in legal fees in order to become registered. Again, this is a general statement based on the work that we’ve done over the past 13 years with many such organizations.

      Therefore, although I have no directed comments, the numbers that are reflected are certainly possible.

      In closing, I can also advise that any other issues not withstanding, we still provide those pro bono services and donations to the Ajax Ride 4 Youth and intend to continue in that capacity for them.

      Not sure that this provides you with any clarity, but I felt the need to share my part of this, at the very least.

      Best regards,
      Steve Boyd

      Admin: Thanks for the information, I am just looking to understand the numbers as they are displayed on the CRA website. Renrick has not replied yet.

    2. Kurtis McAleer Says:

      If the organization only hands out $3,000 a year, why would they spend all that money to even register as a charity? Plus, it is a one-day, once a year, event.

      Councillor Ashby should release all the previous years finances that have not been apart of the filings (2008 to 2012?)

      I suspect the end is near for this Councillor who was past his political due date before he was even elected back in 2008.

      And to think…. people (including myself) thought he may be Mayor one day…

      Renrick, it was nice knowing ya.

    3. Steve Boyd Says:

      @Admin, I understand your questions for sure, this was just my bit on what I know about it.

      @Kurtis The reason to register such a charity is so that the organization can issue a tax receipt for donations allowing the donor tax relief for the donation. Not the case for an unregistered charity or not for profit That can be a valuable tool in the fund raising effort.

      The only dealings with the Councillor and Mrs. Ashby that I have are to reflect on the website the information that is given to me so to reiterate, I’m not really commenting from a position of specific knowledge.


    4. Lynn Trauzzi Says:

      Why would Melody Ashby so blatantly side step your question with such a poor excuse? You stated it as “My question to the Foundation” not “regarding Renrick Ashby” so I’ll assume your letter was of that sentiment too. As the Foundation contact why would she not be open and transparent especially in light of or should I say shadow that lays across Renrick Ashby at this time?

      Those unaccounted for dollar amounts sound suspiciously high. Why not just give a clear answer and open the books up?

      Ajax residents need to get more involved in who is representing them at Council. Thanks for your work in this area!

      Admin: Hi, Thanks for the comment! Especially since I am having a hard time getting motivated to write. I expect I will get active again in the coming winter. I will try! Even though the relationship to Renrick is arms length he is still connected to it. I never received answers and the press moved on as well.

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