New Category - Municipal Election 2014

I have not been paying attention for a while so I am not going to come out here with guns blazing on anything.  I have a new category called Municipal Election 2014.

I have sent an inquiry about space for a debate.  I want to host ward 3 because I was realigned into it and Ward 2 as I am very close to it being north of the 401 plus invite the Mayoral candidates.

If there is room I will invite the ward 1 and 4 candidates.

I am not running,  I am not endorsing any one candidate , I am not working on any candidates election.

I don’t remember a lot of things I posted in the last 4 years but if I said them, I will stand behind them.

So what are the main issues for you?

Do I sill have readers?

The interests I had before were Open Data and Participatory Budgeting so these are two areas I still have an interest in.   I need to check in on the status of streaming council meetings as the quest for Hansard style minutes is fruitless.

2 Responses to “New Category - Municipal Election 2014”

  1. Michael Baker Says:

    Welcome back Karem … you & your blog have been missed.
    Ajax needs a good election. There are lots of candidates. They have to reach all the voters & make their positions clear on all matters that may be raised. The media has to be involved continuously throughout the election reporting fairly & accurately what the issues are & where all the candidates stand. Organizations have to step up re all-candidates meetings. Hopefully at least 2 will be held in each ward. The voters must do their part - be well informed & vote.
    I’m hoping for an exciting & interesting election with 4 or 5 new faces on council. It’s time for change.

  2. Adrian Lambert Says:

    Hello Karem

    Thought I would add my two cents worth on this years election for council.
    These are my thoughts and no others have factored into what I have written

    Mayor: Steve Parish ( although I would like to see someone form a credible challenge to him) The two other candidates seem to be looking for their 5 minutes of fame. Their platforms, in most cases are not doable and they are filled with platitudes.
    Elected: Steve Parish

    Regional Council 1 and 2

    Tyronne Fernando will get more votes than anyone expects but I cannot tell if its because the voters want some new faces. Tyrone performed poorly at the two sessions and put his shoe in his mouth more than once. Maybe with a little more experiance he will do better next time
    Elected: Shaun Collier

    Regional Council 3 and 4

    Collen Jordan will probably win again. Kim Dowds made a number of good points during the debate but her soul just does not seem to be in the race
    Elected Collen Jordan

    Council Ward 1
    Having listened to the debates and read the literature, it would seem to me that the best candidate would be Nadine Walker. Looking back over the past 4 years, Marilyn Crawford has done little if anything on her own but rather marched lockstep with the Parish Army. If there is going to be some new blood on the council, it may come here. The remaining candidates will only spread out the anti establishment vote.
    Elected: Nadine Walker

    Council Ward 2

    The current incumbent should have done the honourable thing and resigned his seat when he was charged and convicted of a number of infractions in running his bar and lounge business. He puts it all up to a misunderstanding. However. with 4 other candidates running against him and splitting the nay vote, Renrick Ashby will sadly most likely prevail again. Nancy Henry or Rob Tyler Morin would have had a chance if one of them would have stepped aside
    Elected: Renrick Ashby

    Council Ward 3

    This may be a good one and go down to the wire, Once again Joanne Dies vs Marsha Jones Dooley - sadly Veronica Vernon will be an also ran. I am going to step out on a limb and suggest that Marsha may win this one. this time around

    Elected Marsha Jones Dooley

    Council Ward 4

    An interesting race here. Rock solid and wearing her Ajax patch over here heart we find Pat Brown up against young and brash Kurtis McAleer. Kurtis is anti everything that the current Ajax council stands for. He will need considerably more life experiance if he wishes to be part of the governmental process. I do not think that he is ready to be an effective councilor at this time.
    Kurtis, finish your education and get some real work experiance and then come back and try again.

    Elected Pat Brown

    Regional Chair Who else from the list on candidates but Roger Anderson.

    Elected Roger Anderson

    Admin: Thank you so much for taking the time to provide your thoughts. I attended two debates but nothing really wowed me to be honest. I agree with a lot you said. I do think Ward 3 will be well served by Colleen and Joanne or Kim and Marsha. I am very disappointed in the Mayor’s race but I guess it takes an open race or an appointment to be Mayor in this Town. Ward 2 has too many candidates but I was glad to see Nancy perform better at the debate this time out. Did Metroland endorse anyone this time out? I was amused with their choice of pictures for the debate stories, I took the photo for Ward 2 as a silent endorsement for Rob Tyler, he looked very councillor-ish in it. :)

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