Newmarket - Maddie’s Di Muccio’s Struggles

Maddie Di Muccio is a Councillor in Newmarket, she was a panelist on my Municipalooza and talked about Councillor transparency.

I don’t know what is going on in Newmarket but I am posting her letter and if anyone comes across it and has friends in the Newmarket area, send the info to them.

Here are her words.

Maddie writes a column in the Toronto Sun as well.  She is a very passionate woman in local Politics.

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Dear All,
I need your help.

Once again, the establishment politicians are out to punish me because I don’t play by their rules and because I’ve been an outspoken defender of your rights.
Of course, I am used to that by now.

The council and mayor routinely play political games and bully any Councilor who holds them to account publically.
In fact, they have targeted me several times because they see me as an outsider, as someone who openly challenges their record.
That scares them.

And they are right to fear me;  I have opposed their tax hikes, I have stood against their use of in camera (secret) meetings to avoid public scrutiny, and I have denounced their questionable decisions that reek of favoritism and cronyism.

They know they can’t control me, they can’t cow me, they can’t deter me.

Instead of listening to the dictates of the Mayor and his allies in Council, I stand up for the taxpayers.
So it’s not surprising that I have continually come under attack.

In 2011, Council passed a ridiculous resolution that stated I violated the Municipal Act simply for writing a blog they didn’t like.

In 2012, Council passed another resolution after integrity commissioner Suzanne Craig found I “violated” a secret meeting when I made a vote on a matter public.
(A subsequent closed door meeting investigator report vindicated me.)
And now, they are stepping up the attack against me to new outrageous levels.

On Monday, December 9th, Council, in an effort to punish me, will try and take away my pay just before Christmas.
It’s true.

In an unprecedented move, Council wants the Integrity Commissioner to investigate me because after a heated exchange in chambers between myself and the mayor, I referred to him as a “misogynist”.

I regretted the comment and apologized at the next meeting but Mayor Tony Van Bynen, sensing an opportunity to slap me down, won’t let the matter go.

He wants an apology in writing - something not required by Parliamentary Tradition.

What’s worse,  my colleagues also decided Councillors should  pay out of pocket  for the integrity commissioner’s investigation since it’s not worthy of town of Newmarket funds.

In other words, they expect me to pay her stipend in order to punish myself.

To say that the ethics of this direction is unconscionable is an understatement.
Certainly, the Municipal Act doesn’t allow for such a clear political abuse of process.
And suspending remuneration is used only in extreme circumstances.

It’s clear this tactic is just another attempt to intimidate me, to shut me up.

That’s why I am contacting you.

If I am going to stop this outrageous attack I will need my friends and supporters at my side.

If you can make yourself available at the 1:30pm meeting on Monday, December 9th in council chambers at 395 Mulock Avenue in Newmarket, I would deeply appreciate it.

If you can’t make it to the meeting,  I would be grateful if you made your views known to the individual members of council, to the media and to the integrity commissioner  through social media (Twitter and Facebook).

Let them know you support me and my efforts to promote accountable government and that you won’t let them bully me.

Here’s some contact info:
Mayor Tony Van Bynen:
Regional Councillor John Taylor:
Councillor Tom Vegh:
Councillor Dave Kerwin:
Councillor Jane Twinney:
Councillor Tom Hempen:
Councillor Joe Sponga:
Councillor Chris Emanuel:
Integrity Commissioner Suzanne Craig:


In a democracy, no politician stands alone. That’s especially true for a politician who stands up to the power establishment.

My best and only resource is you!

That’s why I know I can count on your help.
Thank you - sincerely. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Maddie Di Muccio

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