Avastin for Milton Woman - She is owed!

I just wanted to post this note on this issue. 

The woman in Milton has the same type of Brain Cancer as my husband.  

If someone takes Chemotherapy in a pill form it is treated as a prescription.  Thankfully my husband has benefits and so do I to cover the rest.

If this woman has private insurance they have been paying for her treatments.  She no doubt has had a few years of Temodal and other Chemo via a prescription.  No cost to OHIP.

If you have chemotherapy via an injection in a hospital , OHIP covers it.

So in a nutshell,  OHIP get’s off easy on Brain Cancer treatments because it is a pill.  Trillium fund will help those that don’t have coverage but it could be income dependant.  The woman lives in Milton so I assume poverty is not an issue.  

I think OHIP should cover some treatments for her becaues they may not have had to cover her past chemotherapies.

Hundres of Thousands of dollars have not been paid by OHIP for Chemo treatments for Brain Cancer patients because they take it at home from a pill.   

Seems fair to me. 

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