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The Town of Ajax does not link to election websites or candidate websites , I think this is a mistake.  As long as all have equal opportunity the Town should support it and provide links to webpages.

The Town must have increased their Councillor Communication budget as some have Town Hall meetings regularly.

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  1. Steve Boyd Says:

    FYI, Councillor Ashby’s website is certainly not all from external source, although much of it is, because external news if often the source of information. The site has had/has many downloadable materials, self contained photo galleries, and other self contained articles. It is not a site that is all “from external sources.” Just in the interest of accuracy.

    ok thanks. External sources I am referring to are the various reports on start page. Not a critique. I know there is original content as well.
    I updated the description, when I say external, it just means the original source of the content, Town of Ajax, News Advertiser, an email etc. The majority of the scrolling content is not created by Renrick, that is what I meant. However, I revised my words to as not to confuse anyone to think I meant the entire site was from external sources.

  2. Michael Baker Says:

    All members of Ajax Town Council should have an active up-to-date website that includes the following information:
    - a quarterly Work Plan that is updated at least monthly
    - a weekly schedule
    - lists of matters coming before councillors at CAP, GGC & Council meetings … especially matters effecting their ward constituents
    - regular Community Action Plan Updates in particular re matters affecting the ward represented … on matters such as crime & community safety, neighbourhood initiatives, planning & development undertakings
    - publication of councillor regular monthly open public meetings that allow not just for Q&A but for interested constituents to partner with their councillor on matters such as budget, community safety, neighbourhourhood community associations, etc

    As a result of councillors’ work plans & schedules we might learn how many hours a week each member of council actually puts in on behalf of their ward constituents, where the councillors are each day & what kind of council work they are doing & why they are doing it & what are the outcomes for each ward … for Ajax.

    Let’s discuss why Ajax councillors do not have public information such as I’ve listed above & why the voters in each ward do not expect such information to be posted on a councillor website or in regular newsletters or by Twitter or at open public meetings.

    How say you?

    Admin: Do you pick up SNAP paper at all? It always has photo’s of politicians at various community events. I think every Councillor should have some sort of Community portal being it facebook or a website, twitter is ok but at only 140 characters, it can’t stand on it’s own. Social Media while not perfect does give the appearance they are approachable and it is the best method to reach out to the youth. But it must be used properly. Does our local media have Mayor Parish’s calendar like Toronto use to have David Millers? I don’t think so or it would not have been a secret he was missing Committee meetings for hip surgery rehab. Our Councillors need to be the middle man between the bureaucracy and the residents. I try to engage and follow but I am not a phd in engineering and I am not a chartered accountant. The Councillors need to read the stuff they get , ask the questions to understand it, then communicate it to we the residents. If a basic website or blog was set up by a councillor to regularly do some typing and update on happenings and matters of governance, not just big issues then that would be great, it does not have to be flashy and it does not need to take up a lot of time they don’t have.

  3. Steve Boyd Says:

    I like the blog idea for certain. I see something like that happening, although really it doesn’t matter who types it as long as it’s material fact.

    Schedule of matters before Council, yes again.

    Full Councillor Schedule, unlikely, and were I to be in those shoes, I’d likely not commit to that.

    Obviously, like in any tactical scenario, we can’t tie up people in the reporting process such that they have no time to actually conduct the work. But there are some good ideas here.

    Admin: Why wouldn’t a Councillor want to post their community schedule? Ajax continues to have a part time council and the Governance in terms of meetings is just that. Maybe the community would not be so upset every time there was a Councillor raise if it was clear they really did work very hard for it. There are two sides to being a Councillor, the community boosting side and the governance side. We pay them only a part time wage to be a Councillor. Should we pay them for the time spent on community boosting where the net benefit is for them at ballot time? Or does the community boosting actually have a bottom line result in terms of attracting investment in the Town? The Town wanted all the Coucillors on Town owned blackberries, maybe they want to monitor their calendars as well? Are Renrick and Marilyn unfairly portrayed as part time councillors because they work full time? Seeing the other local councillors schedules could show it doesn’t matter if you work outside the community during the day like 80% or more of Ajax currently needs to do.

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