GGC meetings on Youtube- March 21st

I forgot these are uploaded to Youtube, I am listening while at work!  Writing on my break.

Councillor Renrick Ashby has declared a conflict of interest.

Was told it was already dealt with though — who knows what it is about though at this point  edit– minutes state it is due to a lease agreement.

4. Authority to Hold a Closed Meeting and Related In-Camera Session

 A proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land by the Municipality or Local Board.
[Sec. 239 (2)(c), Municipal Act, 2001, as amended]

4.1 Confidential Property Matter

Are the towers on the Apartment Building at Westney and #2 unsightly?
Safety hazard?

They discussed Cell phone towers, Federal in Jurisdiction.

Enbridge Line 9B Reversal & Line 9 Capacity Expansion Project –Issues Report,
P.Allore, Director of Planning & Development Services / S. Andis, Senior Policy Planner …… 52

Intervener or Participator Status?  - Intervener means you have to have legal resources and respond in timely manner and have to have proof of claims.  It is resource intensive.

Participator means to provide feedback and comments only.

Staff says too much resource $$ for Intervener.  Town does not have capacity.
Joanne Dies and Mayor Parish want to spend dollars as Intervener status by contributing to a group, “small financial”.

Just killed my ear drums!- loud laughter.

Durham Clear hosted a meeting on the pipeline issue in Council Chamber.   Joanne encouraged people to attend.  My question- Did they pay to use the Council Chamber and how much? Edit- I learned it was a .Federal meeting they were promoting. In the video it gave impression it was being held by Durham Clear.

15 items in the public agenda and they only discussed 2 of them.  Decisions on these items were both in Federal Jurisdiction.

Video was 30 minutes in length.

In Camera was 1.5 hours and public was 30 minutes.

I recommend you watch GGC meetings on the Youtube Channel.  I really thought these were more involved meetings.    They spent 90 minutes in camera on one item.

I could be wrong, will have to go back and watch others.  Edit: I did watch a previous meeting and it was spent more on local issues.  Snow response was a major one and I learned they plan to update the Councillor Code of Conduct.  Seems they got some email on it. Gee I wonder who that was?  :)

One comment, don’t laugh so hard near the mic, the audio level is very high on it.  I heard all the speaking no problem with my ear phones but the laughing hurt at times.

The current count of the views was 8.  It is there for people to watch.  So watch them.

I fixed my font issues,  note to self- do not copy directly from town site , I was left with a bunch of font tags that messed everything up.

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  1. admin Says:

    Regarding Intervener status, This is information regarding intervener status, this link takes you to information about the funding process and cost recovery.

    Government groups are not allowed to apply for funding assistance.

    The Pipeline runs through Ajax at the very top. Is Pickering applying for intervener status? Maybe Ajax and Pickering can do it together.

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