Pay to Use Carpool lanes - Stupid! Slap in face to carpoolers

Ont. Finance Minister Charles Sousa was floating the idea of single occupant vehicles paying to use the HOV lanes.   My carpool was livid and we don’t even have the use of them on our commute.

The carpool lanes were put in place to encourage carpooling and they are growing in use.  I have coworkers in Mississauga that use the QEW lanes and the 404 lanes.  There are those that are against carpool lanes because they claim the lanes will just be added to the road capacity and revert to regular lanes in time.  Don’t prove them right.

The original plan for the QEW widening did not include carpool lanes but the Halton Environmental Network lobbied hard to have the carpool lane constructed since they were doing the road work anyways while the 404 was a planned carpool project.

Allowing single occupant vehicles into the HOV lanes will cause more congestion and be a punishment for those that make the commitment to carpool.

The logistics of it are also suspect,  how will the toll be charged and how will it be enforced?  How much money is going to be spent just implementing this dumb idea?  Ontario outsourced Toll collection to the 407 ETR.  Are they going to be contracted to toll HOV lane Single car use drivers?

On the topic of carpooling– there is a carpool lot that no one seems to know about at Erin Mills and QEW on the North side.   It would be nice if people actually used it.   We don’t have any interchange carpool lots here in Durham , the one at Whitby GO does not count as no doubt it is used by Train riders.

More people should carpool and the Province should help with more parking in the Eastern side of the Region.

Something has to be done and it will cost money but just throwing out these crazy ideas to see what sticks is not one of them.

Toronto snobs complain about 905′ers coming into their city but they must remember that 905 takes their garbage because they would not deal with it themselves.

905 and beyond comes into the City and sometimes not for entertainment, when my Mother from St. Catharine’s had her heart surgery at St. Micheal’s I met people in the waiting room that travelled from Northern Ontario and were using the Transit to get around the City.   This 905/416 divide has to stop.

There is already is a gas tax that was supposed to be used for transit purpose,  why is it not being used for Transit?  in Durham it is being used towards the incinerator as well as Transit to some degree.

If you want expert Transit analysis I always go to Steve Munro at his website. He is mainly Toronto area but he also writes about the Metrolinx plans.

The GO garages will help with parking at the GO stations so spend some money for Carpool lots how about a carpool lane on the 401?  Take away a lane during Rush hours and see what happens! I bet if it was a choice of absolute gridlock or a carpool lane, people would make the effort.   Smart Commute helps with carpool programs for companies.

I really wish our area big box stores would offer up some spaces for carpoolers during the day without the threat of towing.   A grocery store near the 401 would be great.    A big deterrent to carpooling is people like to run errands after work sometimes so parking in a place that allows for that bag of milk or loaf of bread to be picked up would help.

Trains and buses will only go so far in alleviating  gridlock on our roads, carpooling on the highways to areas not right at a GO station is what is sorely lacking.  Sure it’s great to be able to walk to work but not everyone can do that and people need to be realistic.

You know what would be really great?  A ferry to Port Credit from Pickering Marina.  Now that will be a nice commute!

Durham will have a pulse remember? I think the students are unhappy that it won’t service Scarborough Town Centre, they would rather have the GO Bus.  I don’t blame them.

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  1. Mike Says:

    Excellent article. I fully agree that carpool lanes should be kept as a means to promote environmentally friendly transportation. Changing the rules mid-game would offset the progress that we are finally starting to see. Policies that are designed to change behaviour can take years to take hold - subverting them to short term goals would be a mistake.

    To help encourage carpooling I started, a ridesharing/carpool website that makes it easier for drivers and passengers to connect, coordinate, and share rides. The site integrates with Facebook to show common friends between members and uses thousands of Tim Hortons & Starbucks across Canada as the convenient meetup locations.

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