Snow Plow Map- And it is colour coded!

In the Snow post I had written I wished there was a snow removal map that was colour coded so I could see where I was in the schedule,  it is not everything I had wanted but it does show what areas are cleared by Contractor companies and what areas are cleared by Town of Ajax staff.  All the trucks you see are with a Town Logo.

I had asked some questions regarding Snow clearing and here are Dave Meredith’s , Director of Operations responses.  The map is from 2011/12 season but it was the only electronic copy available.  It does need to be updated and hopefully this information will make it to the website.



Thank you for your E-mail.  Please find below, a response to each of your questions:


1) How many Snow Plows does the Town have?  Large Snow plows and Small plows,  sidewalk and trail plows.


The Town has 9 large trucks, 6 small plow trucks and 10 sidewalk machines

2) What does the Town Plow and what does the Region plow?


The Town of Ajax plows all roadways with the exception of:

  • Westney Road from Kingston Road to Taunton Rd;
  • Salem Rd from Taunton to Bayly St; 
  • Church St from Bayly St to the 401;
  • Highway No. 2, in its entirety;
  • Taunton Road, in its entirety

The Town is also responsible to plow all sidewalks, trails and municipal parking lots.

Is there plowing that is actually in the Region jurisdiction but the Town does it and
then the Region pays for it?


The Town of Ajax maintains Westney Rd from Harwood Ave to Kingston Rd for the Region of Durham. The Town recovers the costs from the Region of Durham.

3) Is there a map available to show the plan to clear?  I was sent the map as an attachment, I have uploaded it to my own website. 


There is a map that details the fourteen (14) individual plow routes in Town. 

4) Does the town outsource any of the plowing?


The Town performs winter control operations on nine (9) routes and contracts five (5) routes to a private contractor.  The salting and plowing of all sidewalks and trails are performed by Town staff.  The Town utilizes a private contractor for the plowing of municipal parking lots. 


5) What happens if there is more snow then the Municipality can reasonable handle? Do we bring in outside companies when the need arises?

I am not aware of a situation where we have needed to bring in an outside company beyond our staff compliment and existing contracts the Town has in place with various contractors.

I hope I have answered each of your questions.  Please feel free to contact me directly should you require any additional information.




Dave Meredith

Director of Operations and Environmental Services

 There were a few back and forth clarifications,

So please note the following as well.

Just a couple of quick things.  Town staff that maintain sidewalks and trails are different than those who plow streets (different licence requirements).  In a plowing situation, staff initiate roads, trails and sidewalks at the same time.  Trails and sidewalks do not wait until roads are done.

You are correct, in that the Town’s contractor vehicles are branded with the Town logo.


The maps are updated annually.  I realize I sent you the 2011/2012.  I did not have a 2012/2013 map readily available in electronic format.  I agree that this should be available on the Town’s website.  Discussions have already begun regarding available information on the website, which will hopefully be ready for the 2013/2014 season ________________________

So look at the map and find your area and you can at least see if it is Contractor or Staff cleared.  If there is no label that says Contractor then it is cleared by Staff– Roads I am referring to.

I am glad I asked, it explains what I was seeing on Twitter, people were trapped in their houses as the roadway was not plowed or is ploughed? :) but our trails were being cleared.  There is no way to avoid this situation.

I asked about contractors not knowing we used any because whenever I saw a plow it had the Town Logo on it.

That’s it , I am done with winter!

Nobody pays attention to budget areas but roads plowed quick or fast is a matter of money.

One Response to “Snow Plow Map- And it is colour coded!”

  1. Steve Boyd Says:

    That’s a good reference piece. If I were the Town, I would NEVER EVER release anything like an internal snow plow schedule detailing the order in which areas or streets are plowed. I’d be surprised if anyone did. You can bet there is s schedule, but an internal one only.

    Nice work getting the map.


    Admin: I am back from Montreal! How about this idea then! I learned we have some Tactical response Vehicle donated to the Durham Police Force, when we don’t need a response that warrants the tank- slap a snow plow on it. I am officially done with winter and I hope Mother Nature is as well.

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