Renrick Ashby update Liquer Licence Court Date

I received an email from Nancy Henry, she attended the hearing and states that Renrick was not in attendance.

Here is her email.


I was in court today to view the outcome of the charges laid against Councillor Ashby.

He(Lawyer)  only represented Renrick & Nexx…….
No lawyer present for Permell & Erica Ashby.
Councillor Ashby’s lawyer told the judge that Erica and Permell had not come to see him yet….although he suspected they would and he might be representing all of them.

The lawyer received new discoveries today from the prosecution. As a result he’s asked for a continuance until, March 19,1:30.

Mr. Ashbys lawyer told the judge that they were on there way to working out a deal with the prosecution.

So…no Renrick today….no Erica or Permell. Just lawyers!


So it appears the Nexx Lounge is a Family business.   No press was in attendance that Nancy noticed.

His next date is next Friday for zoning issues.

3 Responses to “Renrick Ashby update Liquer Licence Court Date”

  1. Michael Baker Says:

    So how many concerned voters in Ward 2 will turn out on February 24 at the Main Branch to ask Councillor Ashby about his escapades with the law?
    Do many know about his troubles with the law?
    Does anyone care?
    For the record he never answers questions in public or in private that by answering fully & truthfully may make him look bad.
    Will The Ajax News Advertiser do a followup story on Councillor Ashby’s troubles with the law?
    All is quiet on the Ashby front! … fortunately for him.

  2. Steve Boyd Says:

    Actually I thought that the Unplugged session was quite well received by everyone there, and no, people were not talking about the citations for NEXX. They were a little more concerned with issues like Transportation, PanAm 2015, Youth, Jobs etc. adn of course the actual reason for the meeting wihch was for constituents to get the know their Councillor. I’m not much for sitting in any one place for a couple hours, I just lack the patience for it, but I’m glad I showed up.

    I was there as well. It was interesting but if this town actually had a real media there would perhaps have been a few. The sessions have mainly been attended by Councillor friends and supporters, internal library board members, Sunday saw the Town asst to CAO. The youth in attendance was good. These are not Town Hall forums but anything with a politician in attendance will always be political. I don’t agree with your feeling that the Nexx lounge is not worth asking about because it is an issue of judgement.

  3. Steve Boyd Says:

    Perhaps you’d be kind enough to direct me to the place here I said NEXX wasn’t worth asking about. Perhaps my eyes and memory are older than I thought. That said. for me, me and this is only me, no it isn’t worth my time. I have more important concerns, again, important in my opinion. It’s all relative. I certainly don’t contest the right of any other consituent to take that issue on as a heavy. A final note for the record, I am definitely biased in my views, as I am a fan of the Councillor and have a great deal of respect for what he has brought to Ward 2, and his committment to jobs, youth and education. There, that’s my plug :) There aren’t many (if any) nice things said about him here, so perhaps I can be the first.
    Sometimes I just can;t help myself. :)


    admin: You are welcome here any time. We may differ on opinion of the Nexx Lounge issue but I’m not saying any more on it until the courts are done their work. I did give Renrick credit for taking my call about it. I just have unanswered questions that I am waiting to see resolution on. I never claim to be an expert on anything and this blog sometimes is thinking out loud that I share with others.

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