Councillor wage freeze - Region of Durham

You may have heard about the motion to have a wage freeze at the Durham Region Council.

Here are links to the speeches by our Ajax Regional Councillors,  Colleen Jordan and Mayor Steve Parish

Colleen Jordan is after the seconder of the motion, Peter Rodrigues of Pickering.
Mayor Parish   Mayor Parish references other ways to save a lot more money,  Merge Fire services with EMS  and his reasoning and size of council.    All valid arguments. 

Why did he not vote on the issue then, he said he would not support it, I have no idea.

I sent an email to Colleen to correct her report as she said All Councillors voted No.  In the time I was writing this post she replied and said she will correct her report.   Have not heard back from Parish why he missed the vote.

Credit to Kerry Casey Meydam for her youtube videos.   Here is a link to all of them if you are interested, I really liked Pickering Councillor Jennifer O’Connells, Whitby Don Mitchell can be heard on it as well.

They have to do something!   Here is the motion being moved by Councillor Akerman .

Why Councillor’s who represent the public who pay the bills have their salary increases linked to union settlements/non union staff is beyond me.

Renrick Ashby was endorsed by Ajax Firefighters association, so it would be interesting to know how he feels about Parish’s comments about merging with EMS at the Regional level.

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  1. Michael Baker Says:

    It would also be very interesting to know why not one Ajax taxpayer spoke at the public session of the GGC Budget Meeting on February 4, 2013!

    I was at work, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Marilyn told me she mentioned the Participatory budgeting idea I had to them and our Rob Ford’s mouth dropped. If you want to bring the public into the budget process the Town needs to do more, it is a very complicated process and if you are not an accountant, how do you make sense of it all? You are retired Michael so you have more time to review and understand it. Not many do have that time and they don’t care. The Town needs to come out and inform us of when the actual work of budgeting for the next year starts, it is before that secret time the community needs to be brought into the process or else it is too late to have any impact.

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