Renrick Ashby- Page for all Information created

I have created a new page to house all information pertaining to Renrick Ashby and his Liquor Licence issue as more information is known.

Nancy Henry sent me a post that I put on it.

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  1. Michael Baker Says:

    Let us not forget that Councillor Ashby will be unplugged in public on February 24, 2013 between 2 to 4 pm at the Main Library. This provides us with an opportunity to ask questions to this person who is ” … very passionate about community consultation & giving residents a voice in running their town”. Also we can “find out more about what community projects & organizations he is involved with & why he is proud to represent Ajax”. Before you go to this unplugging make sure you visit his website & follow closely his adventures with the law. It will be very interesting to see how Councillor Ashby handles the scrutiny of his recent Nexx revelations. Get to this meeting early. It may well be a standing room only crowd … that is if the meeting is not cancelled &/or whether the voters of Ajax even know & care about what Councillor Ashby has allegedly done that he should not have done.

    Admin: They have rescheduled it from the original date over Family Day Weekend. Yes it will be interesting to see this one. He goes to Court on Feb 12th then on Feb 22nd. Not one of the Toronto papers have picked up this story, maybe after the court date they will.

  2. Marsha Dooley Says:

    Recently I had the pleasure of conversations with a past CAO of a local town in Durham Region. Renrick’s predicament was fodder for conversations. I became aware that other Towns in Durham Region have bylaws that no one including councillors can work for two municipalities at the same time. Given that information why doesn’t Ajax have a stronger code of conduct similar to others within Durham Region?
    As an insurance broker, I can’t help but be curious as to how the insurance coverage for NEXX was written. Insurance premiums are extremely high if alcohol sales are reported to be more than 30% of food sales for a restaurant establishment. Was the high price paid for insurance for it to be a bar/lounge or did they estimate liquor sales would be less than 30% of food sales. Asuming there have been no liability issues this probably won’t be of concern to anyone outside of the Insurer’s underwriter. Insurers constantly research liquor establishments and start with the internet.
    I’m really surprised Renrick got himself into such a mess. However I prefer to hear from all parites before passing judgement. Could it be that Renrick loaned his good name and reputation to an acquaintance? As a councillor and City of Toronto planner, loaning his reputation would really shock me.

    Admin: The Entertainment bylaw states that the Town was to be named as co-insured and I don’t know if that occured or not. I know trustees could not be employed by another Board but what Town’s don’t let councillors work in another Municipality?

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