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The Town of Ajax has laid zoning By-law charges against Renrick but it is an open investigation and the Media did not really elude to what the infractions are.   Renrick stated in the article the business had consistent uses for the zoning of the plaza. He is wrong and it is misleading to the public.  

Nancy Henry and I have been reading with a fine tooth comb zoning information on the Town website and have finally connected the dots– it is not an easy thing to do!

First the Official Plan.   The area that 90 Harwood Avenue is located is called the Downtown Central Area. In red on the map - this link page 227 put that in and hit enter to get right to it.

The way it works with zoning in the Municipal level is,  they don’t tell you what you can’t do , they zone for permitted uses , they tell you what you can do with property and business.

On this document-  The consolidated zoning by-law 1995-2003  it is dated Jan 2013, it is on the website in an area for Doing Business in Ajax.   Plug in page 104 into the PDF and it will take you to the Downtown Central Area- Mixed Use DCA/MU.

The Permitted uses do not include Nightclub,  that is up in the Uptown area on Highway 2 , away from most residential areas.

What is permitted in the Downtown Central area Mixed use is shown as a dot down the column, restaurants are permitted and there is a use called  Place of Entertainment , I thought that was what Renrick meant by consistent with use. He was claiming the NEXX Lounge was a restaurant that will transition to a Nightclub,   Nightclub is not a permitted use for this area.   Pictures on my Twitter illustrate that the NEXX Lounge was being marketed solely as a Nightclub.

The flyer that was distributed , I have a copy if anyone wants to see it,  states the NEXX Lounge was opening at 10 pm.  That is not a restaurant, that is a Nightclub.

When a Councillor wants to open a Business or be connected to someone that is opening a local Business,  checking the current zoning I would think should be first on the list.  If you want to reapply for a zoning variance or change the zoning you go through the painful process that others have done, you apply to the Town and pay money.

So if he is found guilty on the By-Law infractions why should he be able to continue to be a Local Councillor?  You can vote to make the by-laws but are free to break them as well with no consequences?  Are there financial fines? There is no consequence for violating a useless Municipal Code of Conduct.

We figured it out so the Town can continue it’s investigation but you at least have the details of what the charges should be all about at the Local level.  We await the result of the Town By-Law investigation.

I will say again, I liked the old Town Website better, it was far more user friendly, especially in the Zoning information area.

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Shall mean a premises whose primary function is the provision of theatrical performances, prerecorded
music, or live musical entertainment, whether such pre-recorded music or live music is
provided for listening or dancing by the patrons, or any combination of the above functions, and
whose accessory function is the sale and consumption on the premises of food and alcoholic
beverages, but does not include a restaurant or an adult entertainment parlour

Shall mean a premises where entertainment is offered for gain or profit such as a cinema, public
hall, billiard or pool rooms, bowling alley, dance hall or similar activity for the enjoyment of the
general public.

2 Responses to “Renrick Ashby Nexx Lounge - Breaking News- zoning info”

  1. Michael Baker Says:

    So is Renrick Ashby plugged or unplugged most of the time … how does one know the difference … we know he has at least 3 jobs … lots of time on his hands … was he unplugged when he failed to file a liquor licence for his Nexx establishment … did any member of Town Council know that he was involved with Nexx … does anyone really think that you can serve liquor without a licence in a restaurant-lounge-nightclub in Ajax without a liquor licence … is this the kind of mistake a politician makes when he is plugged or unplugged … if his mistake was not intended to be “malicious” will he accept the fact that it was very stupid thing to do … how can he be involved but not involved in this business & then not be involved when its up & running … so if Nexx is not running now what is it doing … will he be interviewed soon by Oprah or Katie so that we can find out just what all Renrick Ashby is up to … by day a mild-mannered planner & by night a politician who then unplugs himself at his favourite hangout … at exactly what hour each night does Ashby make the transition from planner to politician to restaurant-lounge-nightclub owner … can anyone out there answer any of these questions … some day soon maybe there will be a long lineup of people to ask questions at the question period portion at an upcoming council meeting … the dog days of winter are coming alive thanks to Renrick Ashby.

    Admin: Nothing more to add at my end. Unless a Councillor brings it up or it is on the agenda, you can’t ask a question about it at the end of Council. Have to wait for the report regarding the By-Law infractions I guess. Or a citizen begins the process of an investigation regarding Code of Conduct violations.

  2. Rick B Says:

    This Renrick Ashby is something else. He’s a “Senior City Planner” with the City of Toronto, and he opens a business without first checking for the appropriate zoning? That’s even more shocking than opening up without a Liquor Permit! (Although the Liquor charges are legally more serious) I wonder what his employer would think about these outstanding charges. I think it’s time for the Toronto press to start paying attention to this story. Maybe Rob Ford needs to remove some “gravy” from his Planning Dept.

    If nothing else, Ashby should step aside as an Ajax Councillor until these matters are resolved. In fact I think he should resign outright, but that’s not likely to happen.

    What is Mayor Parish doing about this? I think Town Council has been far too quiet about this. Of course no one can comment on the charges themselves while they are before the court. However Council MUST take a position on the status of a sitting Councillor who is facing charges, the nature of which everyone must agree, call into question his ability to hold such an office while these issues are resolved.

    These are not parking tickets or speeding infractions. They are serious Liquor Licence Act violations that call into question his integrity, honesty, ability to hold public office, and not the least of which inability to lead by example. And the Bylaw charges certainly call into question his knowledge and skills as a City Planner for the largest city in the country!

    A city Councillor who happens to also be a City Planner by profession who proceeds to open a business without all the permits & approvals required (and claiming it was an honest mistake) is like a firefighter claiming he didn’t know it was unsafe to “play with matches”.

    Ashby’s intimation that he was just a name on the permits and not a part of the day to day operations of this nightclub hint at something else. I wonder if he was just doing someone a favour to help get the business up and running. It certainly looks that way to me. If this is the case then a criminal investigation may be more appropriate.

    Why is his name on the paperwork yet he claims someone else is running the company? I think as a sitting Councillor he is obligated to disclose any and all financial ties between himself and the other owners/operators of the Neex business. If not a moral obligation at this point, there must be something required of him under Municipal conflict of Interest laws?

    Renrick Ashby should resign from Town Council.

    Admin: I really want to hear the story from the beginning, I ran into a Councillor at the Grocery store and there are various steps that take place before a business opens, were there any inspections done? We need a full inquiry into how this happened! If I am wrong on my zoning conclusions then I 100% blame the Town of Ajax website , that thing is a monster to use!

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