Deport Renrick Ashby to Pickering - He violated their code of Conduct.

Had Renrick Ashby been Ward 2 Councillor in Pickering the following would apply in this situation of his charges of operating a business without a Liquor Licence.

Pickering has a section that covers Applicable Laws and Policies: Renrick violated this as I read it.  Citizens are not expected to be lawyers and Councillor Codes are not supposed to be written in such a way that you need a lawyer to know if you broke it. 

Applicable Laws and Policies
33. Members are expected to serve the public interest by upholding both the letter and the spirit of the laws and policies established by the Federal Parliament, Ontario Legislature, and City Council.

Ajax contains a statement about General Conduct but this is very vague.

Members of Council and staff will work together for the common good of the Town of
Ajax, and when representing the Town of Ajax, Members of Council will maintain high
standards of personal and professional conduct.

If a Councillor in Pickering violated their Code of Conduct below are the consequences, keep in mind that all Codes of Conduct do not replace higher level of Government’s statutes and laws.

69. If the Integrity Commissioner reports to Council that, in her or his opinion, a Member has contravened this Code, Council may,
(a) reprimand the Member;
(b) require the Member to repay or reimburse monies received;
(c) require the Member to reimburse the City for losses or damages;
(d) require the Member to return property; and/or
(e) require the Member apologize to Council, the complainant, or both.

There is nothing explaining the consequences of a complaint in Ajax.

In the current issue with Renrick the only outcome in Pickering is a Reprimand by Council

Pickering has this about Costs.

70. Council may, in its discretion, reimburse either a complainant or a Member for actual and reasonable legal expenses related to a complaint, on a case-by-case basis.
71. Costs may be reimbursed to the complainant only if the Integrity Commissioner concludes that the complaint is not frivolous, vexatious or made in bad faith.
72. Costs may be reimbursed to the Member only if the Integrity Commissioner concludes that there has been no contravention of the Code.
73. Every Member shall comply with the requirements of this Code of Conduct, and shall act in accordance with its spirit and intent, in all matters pertaining to the performance of his or her duties as a Member.

I believe the Code of Conduct in Ajax needs to be updated and posted on the Town Website on the main page of the website easily accessible.

I will create a new page to link to Codes of Conduct for Councillors.

Twitter hashtag for postings on this issue is #renrickontherocks    - spread it around and maybe we can get it to be trending.   There are some pictures of the website for NEXX lounge also on my twitter because it was mentioned in the paper about the place being a restaurant, the web marketing of the establishment gave no indication to a restaurant on the premises.   The website main page was taken down after I took screenshots.

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