Not a criminal offence- But are councillors above the rules?

The story is making the rounds now you can read it here - Excellent work Reka!
Renrick Ashby has been charged with Liquor Licence related charges - Provincial and Local By-law infractions for not having an entertainment Licence.

I laughed when the Fire department was mentioned in the article, remember the union endorsed Renrick and they put signs up for him.

Everyone knows Liquor rules!  Councillors who own a business that is a bar should be extra vigilant.  Anyone that has ever had a stag and doe party and weddings knows about liquor licences.

When you own a business you are responsible for all compliance issues, even if you entrust day to day operations to a manager– this is an excuse that I am expecting to come out.  Renrick is the President and the buck stops with him.  Does he still work with the City of Toronto?

A Councillor that enters into a business with anyone needs to also ensure who they do business with is skilled in regulation and compliance requirements to operate said Business.

I was actually thinking of giving up the blog cause I was politically bored and not too interested lately but I changed my mind.  Maybe tomorrow I will post links to some of my favourite Renrick blog posts.

How long was Renrick the owner of this place?  I have no idea who the other people are that are connected to it.
They did not comply with the Ajax Entertainment by-law and I ask ,  if there was no raid when would this have come to light that he had no Municipal Licence?  They were supposed to supply a certificate of insurance with the Town.

Can’t wait to read more as this story develops!

Next election is October 2014!
Let’s remember this incident folks! you can be sure you will be reminded though.

Who wants to go to the Next Council Meeting?

Saturday February 16th from 2-4 pm is Renrick’s unplugged session.  Maybe in addition to being unplugged he will be unhinged! 

6 Responses to “Not a criminal offence- But are councillors above the rules?”

  1. admin Says:

    I spoke to Renrick on the phone and I am aware that he also was interviewed by Keith Gilligan over the weekend as well so an update will be coming in the media as well.

    1- He claims to me that 99% of the process was done
    2- He told me his was the only name on the application.

    I emailed the Town with the concern they need to update the Councillor code of conduct to require Councillors to disclose to officials if they are involved with a business that requires regulation of this nature.

    My concern is he let himself be used for a licence process which constitutes fraud in my opinion. We need to know if the partner could have applied for the licence and been accepted on his own merits.

    The Town was put in a position of financial risk due to the Entertainment licence by-law not completed by naming the Town as co-insured.

    It’s not just a matter of “I did not know the process” it is negligent behaviour for someone in that position.

    Renrick is owning the issue and claims to not be throwing anyone under the bus but I think the situation is more serious than he is trying to have others believe.

    If his name was one of several names on the application I could see it as a matter of thinking others were doing what was needed, his was the only name and he was not diligent in the process.

    This requires more then a public light knuckle rap.

  2. MarshaDooley Says:

    Isn’t it ironic that the Town ByLaw was created because of all the disturbances at RimRock the very same bar now called NEXX!

    At least Renrick lost to Dickson in 2006 and wasn’t at the table when that bylaw came into effect.

    Can one really argue that they are 90% pregnant?

    We all make mistakes. Too bad this slaps in the face of what a councillor represents and enforces. Maybe it a case of too many irons in the fire?

    Admin: There is a routine Municipal Information form that is included with all applications, this location has had 2 forms in 2012, one in February 2012 then a new one May 31, 2012. My main concern is that he was used in a manner to assist in the Liquor Licence application process. We need the Councillor code of conduct updated to prevent issues like this from occuring. It normally takes 60-90 days for an application to be approved as long as everything is going well. Correcton, he told me 99% complete on the phone. I tweeted 90%.

  3. Mark Says:

    I think I’ll look around for opinions that are not jaded by ancient sour grapes.

    Admin: You are certainly free to do that but good luck in your quest when it comes to unbiased opinion in the Municipal level. Everyone has an opinion, I just happen to make mine public sometimes and people don’t like it. Renrick never should have put himself in this situation and I stand by that. Yes I had some juvenile fun on twitter but he caused the situation in the first place.

  4. Michael Baker Says:

    Mayor Ford insists that ignorance is not only bliss but also and a suitable excuse for doing what Ford thinks is okay to do even though he’s been told not to do it by those who know best. Councillor Ashby certainly knows the bylaws of Ajax. Whatever creative answer he proclaims as the reason he is doing something he knows he should not be doing will be interesting. So something is 99% done according to Ashby so it is okay to go ahead & break the law! Does the Town of Ajax support his claim that the application was officially 99% done? Does that mean that the Town knew in advance what was going on? I think not! The attitude of Ashby & his buddies is that Ajax bylaws are usually only enforced if you are reported. That is the rule of thumb in Ajax. The problem with our politicians is that they are unplugged all the time rather than being properly plugged into their job as it should be done. If he is guilty they should throw the book at him.

    Admin: The Municipal form is routine and I was told that the Town does not enforce compliance, they leave that to the provincial body responsible. Court Date is in February and we will hear the results then. Here is a link to the metroland follow up.

  5. Michael Baker Says:

    So Ashby says “I am involved (in Nexx), but I am not involved in an operational sense.” What does that mean? Why was his name the only name on the liquor license that was 99% completed that he & all his partners knew was required in order to provide the activities advertised for Dec 28 & 31? He recognizes now that an error was made & he takes “responsibility for it.” He goes on to say that his mistake - “the infraction wasn’t malicious.” Has he not been following the Mayor Ford adventures with the laws that govern politicians? I don’t think Councillor Ashby realizes what his mistake represents. Is this kind of misbehaviour the same way he does business as the Ward 2 elected member of Ajax Town Council? There is no doubt in my mind that his constituents should pay closer attention to his day-to-day performance as Ward 2 councillor. As a politician & as a Nexx owner he should have known that a liquor licence was required & he should have filled one out 100% & made sure that it was properly filed & accepted before serving liquor at his restaurant/ night club. It will be interesting to read all the charges when filed by the authorites & see how this adventure turns out for Ashby & his presently unknown partners.

    Admin: The article states once it’s up and running he was not planning on being involved. This still sounds like he was used for the Liquor License process only. The License has to be able to be transferred as well. Will another person transfer in? I do want more background to come out on this. I don’t get why he says the Bylaw issue does not apply. Here is a link to the By-law I read it as if the primary function is a bar, it needs the Entertainment Licence. I saw the website before it was taken down and there was no mention of food. I have some screen shots from the page as well. Here is the text from his website as you can see there is no mention of restaurant at all. I will put the pics on my twitter. You can see them there even if you don’t have a twitter ID I believe. This website was online up until the after the news was making the rounds, there was not one mention of a restaurant on the premises.

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  6. S Says:

    Maybe town council won’t have to travel to a resort anymore to discuss town business. There’s now a fancy bar/club across the road and within walking distance!.

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