Open Season on Mayors!

So what do we think about Toronto Mayor Rob Ford being kicked out of office?

I will say , I have been an on and off again Ford Fan but this issue has turned into a witch hunt. 

The Municipal Conflict of Interest act is unenforced, if the Province really felt it wanted to protect us it would enforce the law and not leave it to Citizens to obtain lawyers- lucky if you get one to work for free if they are motivated enough to do it.   Glory and political outcome.

If Mayor Ford had just had a lovely Mayor’s gala with the Football foundation as the recipient of the money raised, all would be ok.     That’s my thinking.   Then he could have stood up in Council and announced the event and sent invites on City letterhead even.

Do they not have Mayor Galas in Toronto?  All the  burbs around the city have them.

I realise the reason the he is out is because he spoke on an issue that he was involved in but the act itself gives loopholes so it does not have to be strictly enforced if a judge so decided.  

How did Mayor McCallion survive on what I feel was a larger abuse of the law?

If they like you , it’s ok if they don’t , look out.  

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