Ward 2 Community Meeting- Taxes and GO station

I was unable to make the last Ward 2 Community meeting , it was being held by all 3 North Councillors,  Renrick Ashby Ward 2 , Marilyn Crawford Ward 1 and Shaun Collier, Regional Wards 1, 2.

I was informed the 2 dominating topics were, Taxes and the GO station.

How do you feel about the property Taxes in Ajax?

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  1. Michael Baker Says:

    It is interesting to learn that some residents are showing some concern over the tax situation in Ajax. Unfortunately the taxpayers of Ajax refuse to educate themselves as to the yearly budget process & to involve themselves in it to the point that their elected members of Town council meet with them well in advance of the budget meeting in order to receive specific budget information from council & then to provide meaningful input to members of council re the final budget.

    Most of the budget specifics are top secret until the proposed budget is published one week before the budget meeting. The reality is that never more than 2 residents ever attend this important meeting. Any resident speaking at this meeting to members of council has 5 minutes to speak to the proposed budget. At this point in time all members of council have already decided the final budget and the taxpayers of Ajax may read all about it in The Ajax News Advertiser. Members of council have a free budget hand on a yearly basis to do what they want (that is if staff lets them) because the taxpayers are ill-prepared to do anything about it. I did not attend the October 18, 2012 ward meeting but I did send Councillors Collier & Ashby an email outlining some of my concerns & asked them some questions.

    As of today I have not received any comments to my concerns or answers to my questions. It is well and good that a few taxpayers raise their concerns about our high property taxes but to do so in mid-October & to only 3 members of council & to do so late in the budget process simply reinforces the fact that council never worries that the taxpayers will actually get involved in the budget process to the degree that members of council must listen to taxpayer concerns & feedback & that council will actually respond according to the wishes of the taxpayers.

    In Ajax all budget matters are a non-issue with the taxpayers of Ajax. The record clearly shows this to be so. Actions speak louder than words. In Ajax there is no indication of either. There certainly is no open budget discussions in Ajax nor is there any co-operative actions by the taxpayers of Ajax re the yearly budget. Our taxes continue to rise year after year after year without council hearing a word from the taxpayers. The taxpayers have no idea how our money is being spent nor do they care because if they did they would at least pick up a copy of the budget when it is published. Taxpayers would be very surprised to see how our tax dollars are being spent. Maybe then taxpayers would choose to exert pressure regularly on their elected members to truly involve the taxpayers of Ajax in the budget process. As far as staff & council are concerned our taxes need to continue to rise & will continue to rise. The next proposed budget will be more of the same. How do I feel about our property taxes - nobody in Ajax really cares!

    Admin: I shudder to think about if what is going on in Markham happened here. Wait, it did on a smaller scale. The St. Francis Centre. They just went and bought it.
    With the downturn in the Condo market in the City , I really hope the Pay Bayly square development becomes what all the nice pictures represent.
    Phase one is supposed to be underway now but I have seen no work start as of yet.

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