Slots - speculation only

Whitby wants some money from Ajax Downs,  Parish scoffs at this.  

I believe this still comes down to 407 and greenbelt.

Ajax built the Sportsplex up in the middle of nowhere at Taunton and Audley to ensure a North South link to 401 from 407 was not built on the Ajax side.   This forced a freeze on lands in West Whitby and no development meant no development charges for a large area of land during the phase that the 407 Environmental Assessment was going on.  

Maybe Whitby thinks it’s payback time. 

My opinion is some slot money should be shared with the Region, the road in front of the Slots is a Regional Road and if any issues occured it is Regional Police that respond.   Our Mayor offered Bike Trail money to the Region or Scugogg one time so there is some money to share.

But a split with Pickering, Whitby only .  No I don’t agree with that.   I wonder if Whitby is regretting their yes vote for Regional Chair election now.  

Agree - Disagree?

3 Responses to “Slots - speculation only”

  1. Michael Baker Says:

    Disagree! In the beginning there was Picov then OLG then Ajax then OLG & Picov & Ajax. This partnership has worked very well & the profits from Ajax Downs should continue as is unless there are reasons that beyond a shadow of a doubt indicate that this partnership should be expanded. So far I have not heard of any. I too scoff at Whitby’s demand. Long live Ajax Downs!

  2. Allen Says:

    I agree with you Karem that Ajax make minimal transfers to the Region. Frankly a small percentage based on the amount of roadway frontage and water/sewer charge. Better to start low and settle somewhere higher when they get upset.

    I don’t agree either that other municipalities are entitled to any funding. OLGC collect enough so Whitby & Pickering can apply via the Trillium Foundation process for access to funds.

  3. S Says:

    Why on earth would Whitby feel it’s entitled to a slice of Ajax’s pie?. I can’t think of any reasonable explanation for their request. It would be just as crazy as having Ajax council demanding a cheque from Woodbine Racetrack. You know it ain’t gonna happen. I think we know what the response would be..

    If Whitby is given a portion of the money from the Ajax Casino, then will this open the door to all the other towns in Durham?.

    admin: Sorry just saw this now. I know Ajax was open to talks with Whitby, I guess they are concerned it really could be taken from them.

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