Ministry of Transportation sucks! Cameras LIE

I am in a carpool as some of you know so it means that a passenger can monitor traffic in real time if we want to.   I decided to get some smartphone traffic apps, one was free and one was $1.99 , why I paid I don’t know as the information all appears to come from MTO but it is in a smartphone format so it may be worth the money,  if you go to the antique website of the Ministry of Transportation you can’t see a thing on your blackberry or Iphone as it is from way way back in the 90’s I think. 

On my app I can hit a button and see a little blue dot– that is our car moving on the highway and it shows where the cameras are, I would select a camera and think , ummm this seems to be a little to light compared to what I was seeing in person but the time stamp is from today and within the 10 minute or so of updating- I hit refresh even.   Then I noticed I was not even being shown a camera view of the one I selected.   No matter what camera I selected I was seeing either 401 at Jane or 401 at Bellamy– probably on a Sunday morning around 9am based on the traffic level.

This is really getting to me, before the traffic flow was not working and now I am not sure it really is either , they could put up anything that is typical and I would not know the difference.  The only thing being refreshed is the date and time.

The cameras are another story,  this COMPASS freeway management system sounds like it is top of the line and they have continued to upgrade it, at least that is what they say but if you look at the website the computer is looking really old!

The only thing they seem to do on the Ministry of Transportation website is update the photo of the Minister!  Whoever it is now , never heard of him.

Is it too much to ask to be able to go to the MTO website and check the traffic before I leave my office in Mississauga and head back with a carpool to Ajax and count on the information I am looking at?   I sent a communication through my MPP Joe Dickson and received a few responses back,  the carpool lane information they gave me was for the West end,  not a lot of good that does me!   Here is a link to the current image they say is 401 at Weston. If it only opens to the interactive map area select the cameras and look at the image for the camera you select and let me know what you see!

I wonder if the Heritage Ministry ever got around to updating it’s Heritage database,  here is a link to what comes up in google,  Here is the current disclaimer that is still there,  a few years back I asked about it and was told a database was in the works,  I sent an email to follow up and the new person never returned the communication.

Disclaimer: As of 2005, the Ontario Heritage Properties Database is no longer being updated. We are currently updating a new system which will provide much greater detail to users and will become publicly accessible in the future

Well it’s 2012 now and really hope they have not been spending money on a database since 2005!  When will the future be here?

I feel like I already wrote this blog post, if it’s a rerun- sorry.

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