Ajax moves 3 ways - yet another domain and website

I don’t get why we continue to have a Town website with a new domain.  It probably doesn’t cost much but it’s confusing to navigate around them all.

Every campaign/program should be a link from the Main Town of Ajax website– a new page area that can be removed and revised for the next promotional program etc.

When you register a domain, you pay for the domain , you pay for the hosting , it is just more monitoring to do also,  monitor where your readers are coming from etc. 

http://ajaxmoves3ways.ca/   and we don’t even appear to test our new sites before we release them to the world.   I would never do that in a professional setting.   Sure I have typos but this is just a citizen blog then I look again and fix what I see before anyone would see it.  
Ajax probably pays a company to do all this stuff,  they are not very good at it then. 

Here are some errors that I found while checking the ajaxmoves site.

1) When going to the main page, I could not see the entire page, had to change it to 75%, I know how to to that, others will just wonder why they can’t see everything.  I am on IE 8 , what most people are probably using now.

2) Spot the typo  -   Yes it’s just a typo but this is a professional and media promoted  page.

3) When clicking on the Media Link I get the following message.

This content cannot be displayed in a frame
To help protect the security of information you enter into this website,
the publisher of this content does not allow it to be displayed in a frame.
What you can try:
Open this content in a new window  

Through this I found other videos-  Pickering Village Heritage Conservation project– which has it’s own domain too.  

Here is something funny I found on the main Town of Ajax site that may have had some revisions done to it.

On this page    http://cityservices.ajax.ca/     This is from a template that no doubt assumes everywhere is a City.

© 2011 City of Town of Ajax    <—–   Are we a City or a Town?   :) 

The Town of Ajax Library is their own domain as well but it looks just like the Town so it was confusing why I could not get back to the home page– It’s another site!

How many registered domains does the Town of Ajax maintain and host? 

Don’t mean to be so negative but it is embarassing to me that we let these errors go out into the world,  I clicked Service and ended up at another section but getting back to the main home page was not very clear.  
If I was a looking to relocate to Ajax — I mean a CEO bringing my company to Ajax, you have turned me off already with this hodge podge of stuff.

The public meetings is still an issue for me,  I logged my issue in the early spring.  The posting date is not the meeting date. It is not clear on the main page the date I see is not the meeting date.

Markham has a nice site, Pickering is using the esolutions templates as well,  they are probably spreading across the Municipal sector and eventually all the Municipalities will look the same but other places make theirs look and work better.

I would be curious to know how many domains and hosting packages we are paying for. 


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