Did I see cameras at Brock Road and Kingston? Pickering

I was driving to Pickering tonight and while sitting at a red light I saw what looked like cameras.   There is no signage to alert of red light cameras or surveillance cameras either.  I could be wrong but if you are driving west from Ajax look to the south east corner and up and to me it looks like a camera pointing into the intersection and would see traffic from the north side and I saw what looked like a camera that was viewing the south side heading North.  I saw two of them.

I will send an email to DRPS to ask but if any readers notice,  please let me know, do they look like cameras? These are not the things that are on top of lights to change the lights for approaching emergency vehicles,  these look like security cameras.

I know we are seen on traffic cameras on our highways but those are far back and you can’t identify anyone from a traffic camera.   These are different– if they are cameras , there is no sign telling pedestrians or anyone they are under surveillance.

Just wondering.

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  1. admin Says:

    I had an email from my Regional Councillor and he was given a response that the cameras “Could” be for traffic control, someone in my twitter also alerted to traffic control and posted a picture of the feed as a sample. It is low resolution but the cameras on the 401 are only of traffic and cars, I would be curious how a pedestrian looks in these low grain images. Could a person be identified in them?
    If you were a pedestrian at Brock and Kingston would you be concerned with the cameras or no?

    I think some signage is warranted.

  2. Marsha Dooley Says:

    Could it be a camera for the Police Station’s outside surveillance? Do other police stations have cameras to see coming and going?

    As a pedestrian it doesn’t bother me as long as they don’t identify me doing anything rude ;-) ….

    Admin: No, the cameras are at the intersection, not the police driveway, it is reported by a twitter follower that the cameras are for traffic purpose. I sent an email to works department requesting a sample if possible of a pic with pedestrians in it. Go to MTO website and it has links to cameras and City of Toronto traffic cameras. If a person was standing on the shoulder of the highway , I don’t think we could identify them. I want to know if a person can be identified in these traffic cameras and if they can as it is a closer range I think, then signage is warranted. When you go into any business and you are being recorded, they have signs to tell you.

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