Ajax looking for new Recreation Director

I saw the ad in the Globe and Mail and it is on the Town site as well.

I have been busy with stuff and not too attentive lately to what is going on around town.  I have also been going to the community Sustainabilty sessions, next one is in the fall.   I have met some nice people that are very passionate about their beliefs, interesting discussion has arose.

I had a reader ask me about the programming at the St. Francis Centre,  pretty expensive movie house she said.  I took at look at the upcoming events and all I see are movies.  I use to do some movie nights for the French Immersion homework club,  trust me we did not make a lot of money due to the royalites that had to be paid.

Hopefully these are just over a slow period.

The Direct Election of the Regional Chair of course ended in the passing of the triple majority that was needed.  It was a bit anti-climatic without the nail biter of what Whitby was going to do.

Just want to remind people that if they live right near a grate for storm water, please keep it clear of leaves and debris, I was in North Ajax after a big rain and there were lakes all over the roads in the Ravenscroft area because drains were not draining the water.  The Town does what it can but if you have a grate right in front of your house, keep an eye on it.   Of course there are drains that no matter how clear they are , still won’t get the water because water does not flow uphill!

I went for a bike ride this morning and after all these years it still bugs me that I have to go through the Maclean centre parking lot to continue on the Miller Creek Trail.  Can’t the trail go around the parking lot?
Next week I will go the Lake Trail to Pickering, have not done that route in quite a few years, about a 20 k round trip from my house. Hopefully I can refill my water bottle at the foot of Liverpool , is there a vending machine yet?  I sent an email about it a few years ago to a Pickering Councillor.  If they don’t have a water fountain then at least a vending machine that does sell water would come in handy.

As always, I don’t write a lot over the summer unless something gets me going.  Feel free to email me if you do have something you want me write about or want to ask other readers if they have the same issue.

Has anyone noticed the patch of grass area that is the new walkway to Wright Cresecent from the Westney offramp area? The walkway serves the pedestrians coming from the GO station, They put lots of sod down and planted trees. They seem to have left a triangular shape that does not look like it has sod, it has weeds now and makes the whole thing look like crap. The sod is taking , there was a lot of brown patches that is now going green. I pass by this everyday so do a lot of other people. It should look as nice as possible.

The other side of the road needs the same access to that neighbourhood. I can be done as there is an open area with a mailbox between two houses that could be opened up with a gate and trail down to the lights.

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  1. S Says:

    Certainly lots of things going on around town. You mentioned that people should keep the catch basins clean in front of their homes to prevent flooding during storms. Yes, it would be helpful if people kept these clear of leaves and garbage (it would be even better if people didn’t rake all their leaves onto the road!). However, it would make a HUGE difference if the Town of Ajax actually sent out street sweepers a little more often. It only came around my street once last year. In past years we could expect to see them at least 2-3 times.

    It would also be nice if the town’s by-law department focused on these people who keep plastering our street signs and lamp posts with their advertising instead of picking on somebody who’s been parked on the street overnight during the summer. I’m not talking about the yard sale signs but rather all these stickers that are glued to the signs and posts. It’s becoming unsightly and it’s nearly impossible to remove them. These stickers advertise everything from junk removal, roofing, to duct cleaning. The phone numbers are in plain sight. These people should be charged for the mess they’ve created.

  2. admin Says:

    I noticed today coming home from work the work crew at the Westney Road walkway leading up to Wright Crescent, they were fixing up the area that was appearing unfinished with weeds.

    It bothers me when work projects appear to leave loose unfinished ends. When they were doing the curbs a few years back on Beatty Road , my neighbour was left with a mound of dirt in the road in front of her house on the corner, Scott Crawford had to escalate for that clean up . The grading was never done correctly and they never completed the sod properly,. the house sold later but it is a patch that has more weeds then grass. If it was done in front of my house it would not have been left that way and I would have ensured it was put back the way it was before they dug it up.

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