Federal Riding Redistribution - Durham Region- Ajax

I learned tonight that if I had any comments regarding the redistribution of Federal election ridings I only have until
April 3oth to submit comments.

Too bad our press or my MP did not put anything out on this issue.  Here is an article with the email of where you can submit your comments.

More then likely Ajax will become it’s own and would loose the Pickering portion.

Any thoughts on this?

Based on population Ajax will be on it’s own.

Town of Ajax should send in an official communication supporting the more then likely that we should be our own Riding.

Pickering needs to decide what’s best for them,  take in more of Scarborough?

3 Responses to “Federal Riding Redistribution - Durham Region- Ajax”

  1. Adrian lambert Says:

    I don’t believe the information that you published is complete.
    On the “Elections Canada web site www.elections.ca there is a timeline laid out for the re-distribution process

    Step 4 is entitled ‘ Publication of commission Proposal
    Section 19 Each commission develops a boundies proposal for its province. It is published in the Canada Gazette and at least one newspaper of general circulation and includes the time and place of public hearings.

    I do not believe that has happened yet

    Under the section of Public Hearings section 19 also indicates that the commission must hold at least one public hearing and that it must be at least 30 days after the publication of the proposal

    Further Section 19 indicates that Members of the public notify the commision if they want to appear at the public hearing and that must be done within 23 days after the proposal is published.

    So I don’t think the ball has started to roll and nobody but the commision knows when they will be publishing the proposal so I am not sure where the publication that you quote got their information.

    I suspect that the proposal publication will be fairly soon and then folks can review it and make plans to attend the hearing if they so wish.

    What concerns me about the whole process is that the commission is only required to hold one public meeting and that could be anywhere in the province.
    Hopefully that won’t be the case.

    My understanding is that the population of Ajax now lies wihin the high and low numbers of the number of elector that is recommended for the size of a federal Riding but commisioners have been known to make some strange proposals in the past with both the boundaries of the riding as well as the name of the riding.

    Should be an interesting process.

    Admin: Thanks for the info Adrian, what I heard was if you wanted to be heard on the issue you had to notify by the date mentioned in the article. The date of April 30th is if you wanted comments before decisions are made I guess, then the plan is the plan and they hold public meetings and it would only change if there was a huge outcry about something.

  2. Adrian lambert Says:

    Couple of additional bits of info.
    On the federal-redistribution web site, the Justice who is chairing the Ontario committee indicates that the riding boundaries, when reaady, will also be published on that web site There is also contact information available on the Ontario portion of that web site. It looks like the commisions office is located at 130 King Street in Toronto.

  3. Adrian lambert Says:

    THE REDISTRIBUTION of the ridings as been posted on the Elections Canada website as well as the commissions web site.. Ajax is proposed to be its own riding but Pickering is going to encompas all of Pickering and parts of Whitby ( specifically Brooklyn ) Interesting to see if that stays like that.

    admin: I read it in the Toronto Star as well, Pickering with Brooklin , I’m not sure on that, maybe North Pickering but south Pickering has more in common with Scarborough East then North Whitby. I know they don’t take future development into account so Seaton is not factored in right now.

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