Public Meetings listing- Posting date — is not the date the meeting is scheduled

Just scanning the public meetings and noticed in the new format a potential confusing issue , I will alert the Town you can be sure.

If you go to the Town’s landing page and access public meetings , it shows a date and the topic, it does not give indication the date you are seeing on first glance is only the posting date,  not the date of the meeting.  Some may think they have missed the following meeting just looking at this view alone,.

Waterfront Management and Drive Thru Study,  they were posted March 30 and April 3rd, you have to continue to the public notices page to see the posting date is what was displayed and the meeting date is another date, so these two meetings are coming up,  Waterfront meeting is Thursday April 12th and the Drive Thru Study is April 17th.

Accessing the link from my link on the blog will take you to the public meeting listing and the first one you can see with posting date , info and the actual date of the meeting,  then the listing below shows the posting date and no column for the actual meeting date.

I do think the initial view from the main page should be showing the actual date of the meeting , not the posted date.

The new site is pretty and all but I honestly thought the last one was far more functional.

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  1. admin Says:

    This is still not revised. I think it causes confusion when looking at public meetings from that entry point.

    It is just a small correction I am sure but they don’t want to fix it?

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