Direct election passed at Durham Region

Vote just happened for step 1. It passed but the people of Whitby need to ask their Mayor why she was not there to vote.  Now it is up to the lower tier to vote to ratify the decision.

I am on my phone and it’s about to die. I am glad I came and now the real work begins


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  1. admin Says:

    It was great to watch this vote in action. I really enjoyed it and if Mayor Parish hadn’t left early I would have told him how much I was impressed by his performance today. I may have even given him a hug!

    Durham Region Council is not currently webcast , it is available on live television, I don’t think they are archived, if it is someone please let me know, so if you missed it on tv today that’s it , you missed it. I did the best I could with twitter but I’m not perfect and some tweets were meant for those that sort of know the deal with people, you can’t inform someone who knows nothing about it via twitter and 140 characters!

    When the minutes come out you will read the motions to defer and the recorded vote , the motion to vote Yes for the Direct election of the chair and that recorded vote, the vote to have staff do a report on the impact and that vote result.

    Will all the comments from the Councillors both for and against be recorded word for word? I don’t think so, maybe some highlights and the topic of discussion. Perhaps some questions to delegates.

    What about the Citizen delegations, will all their words be in the minutes? As long as they submit a written copy of their delegation it might I think.

    I had a response back from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, they told me that the notation in the Municipal Act about Clerks taking minutes “without note or comment” means their notes or comments so it is up to a local council to decide if Verbatim written minutes could be done. The Municipal act is not stopping them.

    So I am going to start on my quest for a Hansard like minute record as an option for Councils if an archived webcast with the agenda - just like Thunder Bay’s model is not desired. I don’t know how much video webcasting and the needed tech infrastructure that would be required so a Hansard style minutes would cost a lot lot less!

    I have a spreadsheet of 444 Municipalities that will get a letter from me and be “received for information” Then their councils can discuss it.

    The first Municipalities to receive said letter will be those that do not currently have video archive of meetings now.

    This is for Committee as well, not just Council.

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