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Again here is what I was told in 2009 when I saw double digit increases for quite a few years in a row.

I read the response Mr. Skinner gave to news advertiser for explaining the list and the context.  What is recognition pay and what is a bonus?  

One year there was a new entrant onto the list at $118,000, this is a salaried position, not a waged role ,  some people make it onto the list due to $300 or so over.  The $118,000 was the salary for this person’s first appearance on the list. I was alerted to the job evaluation process.  Some get reclassified down, that would suck,  and some get reclassified up and this is completely separate from any raise you may read in a staff report approved from council.  I don’t recall seeing in past reports about reclassification, only the % increase for the exempt group,. it is usually in line with what was negotiated for the Union group roles.

The biggest cost outside of capital expenditures is salaries and benefits.  We are entitled to understand how these reclassifications are carried out.   

I inquired about how many unionized employees we have had in totals only for last 3 years and I was told I needed to submit FOI, nevermind.   I wanted to know if it is the exempt group that only appears to be reclassified upwards on salary grids.

In the Budget they have one line for Salaries/Wage rate increases then the next line is
Progressions/recognition pay/overtime/position vacancies.   
They should have these 4 broken out so we can see which buckets get the most.

I don’t know about you but if I get recognized at work and it is appreciated, it’s a bonus. 
So I will post again the response I had from Mr. Skinner in 2009.

Here is an explanation from CAO Brian Skinner from 2009, I will paste it in, useful information when looking at the numbers.

Thank you for your recent inquiry. In May of 2008, Council approved a 3.25% increase for non-union staff for 2009.  My recently reported salary includes benefits and a vacation pay out for unused vacation in 2007. As previously advised, the Town of Ajax does not provide bonuses to any staff.

Also, for your information, our management group are scheduled to a 37.5 work week unlike most Municipalities where the standard is 35 hours per week. When you are reviewing the Disclosure Report you might like to take that into consideration as well. Council approved that change in hours of work at GGC, September 20, 2001.  (admin:I was never really comparing one Town to another– just salary to salary and the increase)

Your questions re Vacation Carry over:

The Town has had a vacation carry over policy since 1999. The Town, of course, encourages employees to take all their allotted vacation as a healthy workplace practice. However, there are extenuating circumstances that occur that may prevent employees from taking their vacation in a given year. In that case, employees are allowed to carry over up to 15 days; any vacation not taken in excess of that is lost.

Also there is a provision that payment in lieu may be granted for Department Heads or Senior Managers.  (This still bugs me- it is the most unfair thing I have ever heard)-

Thank-you for your interest Ms Allen.


Brian Skinner 

There that explains my position better I think,  always just out to understand. 


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  1. Marsah Dooley Says:

    Maybe I missed this … Question: What about sick days? How many days allowed? Any payment or carry-over allowed on sick days?

    Admin: No you did not miss anything, I don’t know and I’m not paying $5.00 for an FOI to find out either! My main concern is the change from year to year on the % increase. Job reclassification is a way to bypass the exempt group % increase that mirrors the Collective Bargaining process increases. If we read in the minutes about an increase of say 3% , that is for the current role and rate. If a person’s job is reclassified then it can go up outside that process. However this can go downward too. The Senior Directors never seem to suffer from a reclassification downward though. I think I figured out what happened in Whitby over the last 3 years too. They netted out about only 9 additions to the sunshine list in 3 years where everyone else was much higher, Whitby I think has more turnover as people are leaving then for higher paying roles elsewhere then for some positions, at least this thought has crossed my mind.

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