Sunshine 2012(2011 disclosure) - No ORNGE in Ajax at least

I have all the Municipalities from Durham that are on the list,  except the North.  They only have a few, give them a few years!

Here is the link to the excel file with all the salaries , it will open as a webpage.   This has 2009 to 2011.  Most increases are not exorbitant, I got a raise this year too.

The largest increases are in the Fire Services, do they get retention bonuses?  Overtime? I will inquire.  Here is an explanation from CAO Brian Skinner from 2009, I will paste it in, useful information when looking at the numbers.

Thank you for your recent inquiry. In May of 2008, Council approved a 3.25% increase for non-union staff for 2009.  My recently reported salary includes benefits and a vacation pay out for unused vacation in 2007. As previously advised, the Town of Ajax does not provide bonuses to any staff.

Also, for your information, our management group are scheduled to a 37.5 work week unlike most Municipalities where the standard is 35 hours per week. When you are reviewing the Disclosure Report you might like to take that into consideration as well. Council approved that change in hours of work at GGC, September 20, 2001.

Your questions re Vacation Carry over:

The Town has had a vacation carry over policy since 1999. The Town, of course, encourages employees to take all their allotted vacation as a healthy workplace practice. However, there are extenuating circumstances that occur that may prevent employees from taking their vacation in a given year. In that case, employees are allowed to carry over up to 15 days; any vacation not taken in excess of that is lost.

Also there is a provision that payment in lieu may be granted for Department Heads or Senior Managers.

Thank-you for your interest Ms Allen.


Brian Skinner 

Here are a few stats.

Counts per Region of Employees on the list for 2011.

Ajax, 45 -  + Library, I think 3 or 4.   Increase from 2008 is 18 People
Pickering- 59   - Has reduced staff. The merging of Dispatch more then like contributes to this drop. (Maybe)
Whitby- 49  Only increased 9 people since 2008.  How do they manage that?
Clarington: 45  – The rate of Clarington increase is mind boggling.
Oshawa 89 -  I did not count them in 2008, I forgot.

Durham Region : 578 People on the list, includes 333 Police Roles.   Yet people still complain that Ajax does not have enough police.  These are just on the sunshine list so there would me more of course.   Increase in 302 in total.

In 2009 from the 2008 Disclosure , I wrote this. 

Ajax 27 people have been paid $100,000 or more to do their job
Pickering: 64 People, don’t they have a population less then Ajax at the moment ?
Whitby: 40 - 2006 Population is according to Census is 111,184

Clarington is at 21 but they are a smaller in population, 77,820 in 2006 then Ajax,
it seems a bit high to me then to have 21 people being paid over a $100,000 dollars.
Only one of them is a Fire related position.

Durham Region has : 276 people with the majority 158 being in the Police Area of jobs.


I have looked at Salaries at the Provincial level ., just glanced and there are a lot of roles that appear based on title to be comparable but paid less.  Let’s do a swap!

I do predict a time will come when smaller Municipalities may have to outsource their Administration, CAO, Clerk type roles maybe to another larger Municipality.  Does AMO provide admin services to smaller Municipalities?

Here are the Top Jobs in the Municipal Civil Service– The CAO- Chief Administrator Officer. All paid staff report up to them.

Ajax CAO  $211,951.75
Pickering CAO - $202,525.11   He is new - few years I think
Whitby CAO- $207,022.74
Clarington CAO $233,635.45     - Things that make you go hmmmm.

Is it just years of service, is there no cap on a role?  As I have said before, we will have millionaire CAO’s eventually.

I love watching West Wing, they are there for the love of it , a real calling.  They all know they would make more money in the Private Sector.   I don’t think that logic applies here in Canada, at least in the Municipal level.

I go to community meetings and people lament about bus frequency, lack of bylaw enforcement etc.  Is the value always there with the high salaries?

Well there goes my Friday night.

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  1. admin Says:

    I was involved with a twitter spat on the weekend about the list and after several back and forths the person finally admited he was on the Toronto list as a Desk Sargent.

    I just want it pointed out that I post sunshine information and since I have been posting it the Senior Managers appear to not be cashing out vacation pay from what the % change shows. We have retention bonus in Fire services, that is a subject for discussion perhaps.

    I spoke to friend from Niagara who is involved with Municipal sector and she said cashing out was not right- use it or loose it for vacation.

    People go to university/college , they get educated and are entitled to a decent salary.

    Lots of Municipalities have too many managers and no enough front line employees that interact directly with the public.

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