OMFG- I can’t believe what I just read

First off,  Brock readers are in Durham so the Brock Citizen should be part of  not Kiwartha times or whatever,  Kiwartha doesn’t give a crap about Durham chair I bet. 

Here is todays article,  read Keith Shier’s comments, the way it is coming across, the voters who voted yes did not really understand the question, the article does not indicate his support. So if I am wrong, correct me.  

Now on the premise that Keith is not for direct election, his candidate profile is very suspect.  “There should be no secret deals or meetings”  I agree fully.

The referendum question was on all ballots in the Region last election, it was candidates responsibility to educate the electorate.  

All Durham news sources of metroland should be together. 

No doubt many Brock residents work in neighbouring York Region and Kiwartha but for political boundaries, they are in Durham Region and should be exposed to the news of Durham Region. 

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  1. Ashley Says:

    I would love to attend their public meeting to hear how they are spinning their concerns to residents. Their real concern is obviously that they will no longer get kick backs or favours from the Regional Chair for succumbing to his every wish and demand. Personally I’d be ok with the Northern Durham municipalities separating…maybe I should suggest it at the meeting ;)

    Admin: I think we should hear what residents have to say. I understand the separating part but let’s not hold the door and push them away. I will try to go to their meeting but based on my work commute I doubt I could make it.

  2. George Hawtin Says:

    Ashley, I understand your frustration, but coming from a family with deep and long roots in Brock Township, I think we’ve got to do more, not less, to make sure northern voices are heard at the region. It’s about selling them that this can best be achieved with an elected regional chair.

    I’ve been in touch with Mayor Clayton - obviously, we don’t agree on this issue, but I understand where he’s coming from. On the other hand, I can’t get on board with Coun. Shier’s perspective that voters don’t know what they’re doing, or with Coun. Manchester’s argument that council has made up its mind and that there’s no need to hear from the public. Who does Coun. Manchester think he works for?

  3. admin Says:

    Here is a link to 2 letters in the Toronto Star in response to the article they had earlier in week.–referendum-or-plebiscite

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