Accountability starts at the top email

I just have to laugh,  I received an email from accountability starts at the top admin this was to alert about a community action meeting for March 20th. The first email had the admin email tag wrong but people could just reply to original email so I fail to see the need for a second email that was to correct it.  The second email had everyone’s email address in the cc field instead of bcc.

The result is that all the people that signed up for alerts have had their emails distributed to  all of the people on list.

So much for my privacy being protected.  

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  1. George Hawtin Says:

    I’m sure it was just an accident and that nobody who signed up to the site had anything to hide, but still, when they specifically said our privacy would be protected, it’s unfortunate that this happened. I’ll raise it with Christie. Karem, are you going to the meeting?

    Not sure yet if I am going but more then likely yes as an observer. I already have done my part by raising the profile of the site through the tried and true method of scandal. I deleted the second email with all the emails. Not that anyone had anything to hide but again, it is the principle of the matter.

  2. SM Says:

    I don’t think it matters at this point Karem. You’re already well known in this town by it’s people and politicians LOL.

    Admin: I don’t care about that aspect of it!

  3. Michael Baker Says:

    What is a “community action” meeting?
    Community action certainly is something that Ajax needs re so many matters.
    Is the idea of having an elected chairperson for Durham more important than community safety & budget & planning & transportation & roads (to name a few)?
    How come this topic is getting so much attention by Town staff & some members of council?

    Because it is the single most important issue facing Durham since it’s inception in 1974. It has been the policy of Ajax council for 30 years to support direct election of the Chair. This is what I am told. I had a long chat with the Mayor on the phone last night and I will be making a post on the weekend before we go to Ottawa for a few days. There may be a letter to the editor that I wrote last week come to print. If they don’t hate me now , they may after they read it. Oh well.

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