Ward 2 Community Meeting– Good turnout 40+

Keep having meetings — people will come-  South Ajax take note please.

Chris Alexander was not in attendance but sent a Rep, Joe Dickson was in for a while.

Ward 2 would like to invite the Mayor to come to the next one and answer their questions.

Different community , some common issues but unlike the last Ward 1 meeting I went to there were no budget questions- I don’t mean Michael Baker budget questions but there were a few on the process from the last one but this meeting crowd was more interested in services.   One question about the increasing taxes every year.

The meetings will continue to be informal, the feedback was quarterly was enough for meeting frequency.  One person did say that he was at the last one so he wanted a section for followup - he used the word action items I think.   Which is what should happen, it has to be two way , residents can’t just continue to voice concerns without updates on the solutions.

Also I learned that the reason the Council meeting was cancelled Monday was there is a conference in the City and guess what– The Mayor is staying in the City for the duration whereas Shaun said he was going back and forth daily.  It started on Sunday and finishes today or tomorrow, I forgot that part.

Near the end Renrick brought up the issue of Direct Election of the Regional Chair and a few people put their hands up that they support it, the rest never really thought about it and some think it’s a good idea.   Since Renrick brought up the structure of Regional Government it gave me the opportunity to inform the crowd that our Mayor who is also a Regional Council has only attended 2 Health and Social Services Committee meetings I asked him why , he said “Why don’t you ask him”  I said I will,  then he asked the crowd if they would like the Mayor invited to a meeting to respond to questions, they said yes.   OK but I will ask him before that happens.

I will update more later.

One Response to “Ward 2 Community Meeting– Good turnout 40+”

  1. SM Says:

    It seems Ward 2 has lots of meetings. I see them advertised in the paper quite oftem. Why hasn’t south Ajax had a meeting?.

    What did the rep for Chris Alexander and Joe Dickson have to say about the local issues?.

    I suspect Chris was in Ottawa for parliament which would explain why he was unable to attend.

    Chris’s rep had nothing to say and was not asked anything either. Joe, I don’t know , nothing really of impact and he left to get to the Ward 1 meeting. Why hasn’t South Ajax had a meeting? No idea . What I witnessed were connections being made in the audience. They are engaged.

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