Committee Meetings- Voluntary- Compare Parish to Whitby and Pickering Mayors

I learned today that Regional standing committee meetings are not mandatory to attend.  There are attendance requirements for Council meetings however, good thing!

I wanted to see how our Neighbour Mayors in Whitby and Pickering do with their Committee appointments and here they are.

Whitby Mayor Pat Perkins- Works committee

Jan– Present
Feb 2 Present
Feb 23 Absent
Mar present
Apr present
May 4 absent
May 25 present
June 15 present
Sept 7 — left at 10 am
Sept 28 present
Oct 19 present
Nov 9 - absent
Nov 30 present

She seems to go skip every 2 meetings, still better then Parish only attending 2 meetings of his Committee.

Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan - Planning & Economic Development Committee

TuesJan 11- Absent Municipal Business
Feb 1 Present
Feb 22 present
Mar 22 present
Apr 12 present
May 3 Present
May 24 Present
June 14 pesent
Sept 6 Present
Oct 18 Present
Nov 8th Present
Nov 29 Absent

Missed 2 meeting in 2011- That’s it. The first and last meeting.  Probably not the most productive anyways.

If a Councillor shows up at a committee meeting they show it as Also Present, I have not seen Mayor Parish as “Also Attended” on any meetings I have seen.

He goes to Council meetings only I guess and just takes off early.

I was told it was up to constituents to monitor attendance.   Does the Press go to committee meetings to inform the residents? Probably not.

So again , here is Parish’s Committee attendance to compare to the above Mayors that actually do make the effort.  that is the page from right listing that will be updated to track it.

2011 : Meetings start around 9:30 am - 10 am.  Thursdays it appears to be.

Jan 27 : Absent no reason given
Feb 17: Absent  no reason given
Mar 10: Absent no reason given
Apr 7:  WOW he is there
May 5:  WOW he is there and brought Shaun Collier
May 19: Absent no reason given
June 9: Absent no reason given
Sept 8– summer off even-  Absent- Municipal Business as reason
Sept 22 Absent no reason given
Oct 13: Absent no reason given
Nov 3- Absent no reason given

Nov 24: Medical Reason—–  good thing he is not the President of USA or it would be my business to know what the medical reason is.

The election was in Oct 2010 so this is his first term on the committee. He has 2012 and 2013 and most of 2014 before next election.

4 Responses to “Committee Meetings- Voluntary- Compare Parish to Whitby and Pickering Mayors”

  1. admin Says:

    Maybe Ajax should Merge with Pickering!

  2. Charmaine Jensen-Voisine Says:

    About Ajax merging with Pickering excellent idea!!

    About about all of Mayor Parish’s absentees. What I fail to understand is how can he be permitted to miss all of these committee meetings. Is there not someone that the is accountable to even as Mayor?

    Admin: yes. We the residents of Ajax. Council meetings have rules. He should of told he does not want to serve on the committee.

  3. Michael Baker Says:

    I’ve learned over my time here in Ajax that it is not mandatory for residents to attend council meetings in order to question matters that affect all taxpayers … matters that council pass without any consultation with us their supposed partners in action.
    I’ve learned from the GGC minutes of Feb 23 under item 5.6 Accountability Starts at the Top Website that the committee (who are the members of this committee? & who decided to form this committee? & what is the source of funding for this committee?) questioned & discussed issues (when & where & why & who) relating to this matter (what issues & whose issues? Can we get copies of the minutes of this meeting?).
    The GGC minutes reflect the lack of openness & transparency that is taking place by council & by staff.
    I wonder why no member of council is on record at this GGC meeting speaking to item 5.6?
    How many residents will attend the next council meeting & at Question Period …. question item 5.6 of the Feb 23 GGC meeting in order to seek clarity as to this particular matter (the Accountability Starts at the Top Website)?
    Or will this concern over this website just fade away due to the silent treatment that council & staff always successfully employ?
    Tune in to more of the same …. As Ajax Turns .. the not so popular Durham soap opera.

    I wanted to go the council meeting last night but it was cancelled, Clerk on vacation maybe is the reason but we have deputy clerks so I don’t really get why it was cancelled, there was a council meeting immediately following the GGC meeting so item 5.6 has already been accepted? I have to read the minutes again but it just hit me now that the opportunity to question the item is gone but I have sent a communication to council through the Clerk so for the meeting that is addressed I can then question the item at that time.

  4. admin Says:

    I had some questions answered by Chair Roger Anderson and the Clerk.

    1) Committee members are voted to that committee so they can’t send a another Councillor in their place. So the end result is if Mayor Parish won’t go to the Health and Safety Committee meetings Ajax has no vote at the committee level.

    2) The scheduling of a Mayor is done by the local Municipality so I wonder why Ajax is scheduling our Mayor for something else during these meetings.

    3) I asked about the minutes for Council meetings and Committee minutes to note the start time on the Item line– just to show what time a particular topic was started at so if the Minutes record a Councillor leaving at 1pm I could see all the times issues were discussed and know what parts of the meeting MY Councillor missed. The clerk told me they will not be altering the method of minute recording.

    I guess it is something that Council would have to vote for- so I am SOL on that I guess.

    I sent an email to the Mayor and have not had a response on why he does not go to the Committee meetings.

    I really wish the Robo-calling issue would end because it is distracting everyone from my issues which I think are just as important!

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