Regional Councillor Reports — Get them on Town Website

Currently if you want to read a Regional Councillor report you have to go to the Town of Ajax Minutes and find them,. they could be verbal or circulated separately.  They really make us citizens work!   So on behalf of all of you residents I have sent the following communication, I think if you send it to the Clerk it will be distributed officially to all the council and is in the official minutes — online.

Dear Mr. DeRond,

Please include this in communications that is distributed to the Council with their meeting agenda package.

The area of the Town of Ajax Website , Inside Town Hall needs to have a section for the Regional Councillor Reports. Highlights of what was discussed and our Regional Representation’s input into the scheduled meeting.
If the councillor is not in attendance at the committee meeting, council meeting then a brief explanation as to why they were not at the Committee/Council meeting.

We should see a section for each Councillor including the Mayor.  They each sit on a Committee and all go to Council   meetings, they could rotate doing the Council meeting report.

The Regional Council and Committee meetings occur during the day so our Councillors are our best conduit of information to this level of governance.

Colleen Jordan has done her best to archive her reports on a private website but it is dependant on volunteers, these reports should be part of the public record on the Town Website.  Her website is complete up to 2010 but 2011 has not been archived, the only alternative is to hunt through the minutes to see if it is online or was verbal.

This would be very beneficial to the Citizens of Ajax and I know the work can be done in-house by our communications staff as they have done an exceptional job on an external website to promote direct election of the Regional Chair.  I am sure they can add some enhancements to our Town Website.

This is an example from February’s Council meeting Minutes.
Regional Councillors’ Reports

Regional Councillor Collier’s report was circulated separately from the agenda.   <—   How does a citizen read this after the fact?

Moved by: M. Crawford

Seconded by: P. Brown

That the Regional Councillor’s Reports dated February 13, 2012 be received for information.



When a report is noted as Verbal an online report can be completed after the fact and then go on the Town website.

Also to note, the Regional Councillor profiles have not been updated as of yet, Shaun Collier is on the Finance Committee and Colleen Jordan is not on the Health and Social Services Committee this term.
There is no Bio of Marilyn Crawford and she has been in her role for over a year now.


Karem Allen
Ajax, Ontario

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