Council Reacts to Covert Website- Durham Region article

Here is Tara’s second article online, probably print for Saturday.–ajax-council-reacts-to-revelation-political-website-owned-by-town

 Another reason the Mayor really messed up is because it taints the whole issue, who knows now if the emails that councillors have received are real,  could be made up people , who knows.

It’s about Trust!  it certainly is.

Lingering Questions:  Where was Brian Skinner in all this? Our CAO ?  He is the top man for the Staff side.  Did the Mayor just walk up to Kevin or communications staff and instruct them to throw this site together?

Did Brian Skinner our very highly paid CAO take the request to the staff?

Just what happens down at that Town Hall?

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  1. Marsha Dooley Says:

    It’s about Trust! it certainly is.

    The Town of Ajax is a fiduciary of our municipal tax dollars. Who paid for the website domain? Who paid for the hosting? Who paid for the creation?

    It’s about Trust! it certainly is.

  2. Brian Johnson Says:

    It’s very clear that council had little or no visibility into this pet project. Okay, so the little tyrant has heard the point. What is he going to do about it? Will he reimburse the town financially for use of town resources for his personal and unapproved pet project?

    Will he go to councilling about cyber bullying

    Or, like his use of town resources in his 2006 election campaign, his verbal, personal insult to the federal finance minister and the bike path debacle, will he just shrug it off and continue to give the middle finger to anyone that dares oppose him and use town staff, funds and the mayor’s chair to further causes HE deems important?

    Council, and democracy itself, should be about the free and open exchange of ideas. How can we have this when it appears that if you have a differerent opinion than the mayor or dare to run against him, he will use taxpayer funded resources to thwart your cause?

  3. Brian Johnson Says:

    I have also yet to see a posting on that site that says “fully funded by the town of Ajax”. Evidently, the mayor didn’t hear a damned thing his council told him. Actually, the more likely scenario is he just doesn’t give a damn.

    Admin: It is on the news or something page, it’s just not on the main landing page– where it should be!

  4. Brian Johnson Says:

    We need Newmarket ward 6 councillor Maddie Dimuccio to move to Ajax and run for mayor

    Admin: Maddie who? See what municipal politics is like outside your own domain? Unless there is a scandal, no one knows who the hell you are!

  5. Brian Johnson Says:

    Look her up. Get this…she’s a politician that supports openness, transparency and ethics. Amazing huh?

  6. SM Says:

    Great detective work Karem! We all know Parish has been outspoken in the past about making the Regional Chairman an elected position. I’m sure many Durham residents feel the same way (myself included). However, I think the one thing that leaves a bad taste in my mouth is this issue of the website. I was rather surprised to learn that such a website existed and even more shocked that it had been created by the Town of Ajax and without any mention of it on the site.

    In the article that you provided a link to, it says that some councillors expressed regret that they hadn’t been properly informed about the site before it’s launch. So are they suggesting they knew the website was in the process of being created ?.

    I’m glad this story has made the local news. It would be even better if one of the larger newspapers picked up on it. I just wonder how many residents in our town and across the region will speak out about this once they become aware of it. Like everything else… I suspect this story will slip the minds of Ajax residents at the next election. It’s been proven again and again that no matter what this council does…. voters keep re-electing them.

    Well Shaun and Marilyn said to me in email that they did not know about the site ahead of time and I probably believe them based on what Parish can be like with these things. When I look at the registration dates of the domains it really makes you think, the .com was registered in January and it wasn’t until Feb 23rd or so when they locked up .ca but are not using it. So since January 23 this website was in the works, about a month of staff work time!

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