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Sometimes I will post an article from down where I am from. This is about development coming in the Wainfleet area, of Niagara Region. I played baseball against them when we were kids and they were our Russians. This however could have been in our paper by someone in North Ajax or anywhere in the Region.

The following is a letter to the paper in regards to sprawl.
Edit: Here is another letter this letter seems to be in response to the first one.

Here is a link to Ontario’s Greenbelt and looking at the Niagara area greenbelt I now see why my bike route from 30 years ago has not changed, it is in Greenbelt area of Fonthill.

The problem is these are working farms not just Parkland and it is private ownership, I love a greenbelt but how has the family farm been supported over the years? I come from a long line of Farmers and yes they are responsible for sprawl in Georgetown, Milton and points beyond because the developer that wanted to buy their land did more for them then anyone else. My mother’s uncle hosted an international plowing match when I was a kid and now it is a subdivision.

Why is it fair to tell someone they can’t sell their land and must keep it so City Folks can have a nice drive in the country? Should we buy their land at full market value? What compensation do they have for this greenbelt zoning? It is hard to sell a farm as a farm these days also.

Interesting read here from 2004 -

Leapfrogging did occur– North of our Greenbelt.

Ajax has a landing strip greenbelt - landing strip for migrating birds and insects I was told.

I support our Greenbelt but I also buy local to support the farms that are trapped in the greenbelt.

Every single Urban Grocery store should slap a Greenbelt Tax on any foreign produce that is in season here to support the viability of the Greenbelt—-that is not already open space parkland– ie Rouge Valley.
We have farmers trying to farm that are not in the greenbelt at all. They can’t all be owners of vineyards.

When they give up and say that’s it I’m out of here—– later people flood the planning department meetings protesting about all the houses or write letters to the editor similar to the one I wrote this post about.
Send in your Greenbelt contribution to this person and he will ensure it get’s to the right place.

Or send them in to me and I will take the $$ to my friends whose families are holding down the Greenbelt in Niagara.

Ajax fights for our greenbelt very hard, Why don’t we have a farmers Market in the Square on weekends during the growing season?

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  1. Shaun Says:

    I think it’s too late to save the remaining “farm land” in Ajax (which isn’t much). It’s only a matter of time before those farmers sell their land to developers (if it hasn’t happened already). Take north Ajax for example. I remember when there was miles and miles of open space along Hwy 2 between Westney and LakeRidge Road. Now it’s a concrete jungle with stores, homes, and new roads. The same happened in the south end of Ajax. There’s not much land left. I do have to point out that some of this land hasn’t been worked in years and was probably purchased by developers long ago. Once all this land is gone you’ll see our taxes go even higher than they are now. The new development is helping to keep taxes down (a bit).

    I totally support the farmers and believe they should be getting assistance from the different levels of government in the form of tax breaks. A lot of farmers have spent their whole lives working the land. Unfortunately it’s not a profession that the younger people want. It’s also too expensive and doesn’t make these people very rich. That’s a few reasons why farming isn’t attracting new people. The land however is worth a fortune depending on location and that’s why we’re seeing a decline in the number of farms. Besides, Durham has some prime farmland and it’s ashame to see it gobbled up.

    How about the O’Connor farm in North Ajax. It’s been there for over 100 years and is being worked by the descendants of the original family. There used to be miles and miles of land around them. Now there’s thousands of new homes within a mile or two of their property!. I heard that some residents were upset with the noise and smell from the farm. What exactly do these people expect?. The farm existed long before those homes were built. Why the hell would they build homes near a farm anyways?.

    My people are from Eastern Ontario and I was talking with a Dutch farmer who was farming the same piece of land that my ancestor did almost 200 years ago. My ancestor was farming 200 acres of land. This Dutch guy was now farming over 800!. He said he had to farm that much in order to make a living. None of his kids were interested in the farming business so I guess he’ll be the last one.

  2. admin Says:

    “The farm existed long before those homes were built. Why the hell would they build homes near a farm anyways?.”

    That is how it starts, sometimes part of farm is sold off– then the rest of it goes and for an example of here in Ajax.

    You have the farm up on Audley that was allowed to sell of and housing was built then the other part of the farm is in the greenbelt.

    Anyone who moves in proximity to a farm has no right to complain of the smell, that is like moving to Mississauga in the last 15 years or so and complain about the planes!

    Yes developers bought the land ages ago and sat on it, that is how they make their profit.

    Maybe there should be something to discourage this land spec and require that if you buy land you have to build on it within 3 years. This way the
    current policies and current thoughts on issues are at play.

    When developers bought land 20- 30 years ago or more as it has happened here in durham no dount– sprawl and global warming and the environment were not things we made big deals about. So the Horton street area that is dealing with Semis now back when the land was first purchased the talk was of single family homes. Things and gov’t has changed and planning guidelines have changed.

    I am conflicted at times because I believe that landowners have the right to develop their land , I hate seeing farmers in the position of being basically force to sell because there is no other choice.

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