Ward 1 meeting- exceeded expectations!

Just got back from the meeting, over 30 people there! and it was just Ward 1! more to come later but wanted to say that Councillor Crawford is using the money on ward meetings instead of going to conferences.

Very positive meeting even with Michael Baker in attendance :)

I will update tomorrow for sure.

One Response to “Ward 1 meeting- exceeded expectations!”

  1. Michael Baker Says:

    Michael who? Is that the old guy who has faded from Ajax council affairs?
    Meetings such as last night’s need to generate some much needed participaction by the constituents in both their communities & in matters before council.
    Last night’s meeting is a reminder of how uneducated & uninformed the voters are as to what is going on in Ajax.
    A test is coming up on January 30 when the 2012 proposed budget is published.
    How many copies will be picked up & read or read online?
    How many Ajax taxpayers will attend the Budget Meeting on February 6 & speak their mind to Town Council re what they think of the proposed budget?
    Marilyn Crawford should be selling the need to organize a Ward One Council + local community associations throughout Ward One.
    If & when this happens then the fun & games will begin. The political scene in Ajax will surely change & for the better.

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