Casts - Negative Option billing at the Hospital? Ajax-Pickering

Over the holidays I have been conversing on my facebook about an issue that a friend has experienced at the Hospital and she gave me permission to relay her experience on my blog. 

A friend of mine had a fall and ended up at the Ajax Pickering Hospital.  I will copy in what she has outlined in facebook.

When I injured my foot/ankle a few weeks ago nearly and followed up with the surgeon in the fracture clinic he sent me down to the other clinic where they do the tests and next thing you know I was being fitted for a ‘Air Cast Foam Walker’ . I was beside myself and in pain and did not know enough to question the doctors best judgment when he recommended this for me. Only to discover after being fitted by the cast tech for this Air cast and to be handed a form indicating that I will be responsible for the payment once the invoice comes in at $190 - wow and I am only on ODSP and I told the cast technician this. I would had much rather been put in a $50 foot/ankle cast…

At first we were discussing the fact that she had to pay for a cast since she was on Ontario Disability in the first place, it is up to her to get the bill from the Hospital and submit to ODSP to pay the Hospital,  why the Hospital can’t bill direct is what everyone pretty much wondered. 

Then as the topic continued , we learned that my friend may not have even been fully consulted that the cast that ended up on her leg was not OHIP covered so it is a completely different ball of wax. 

The medical recommendation was for her to be in the $190 air cast walker. 

What is the process?  Did the doctor discuss the choices along with the cost of those choices?  If the non OHIP insured service is the only option in the Doctors opinion , who pays for that? 

When I took my Mother to the St. Catharine’s General Fracture clinic yesterday , she had a fall in early December– (reason for my blog neglect) they had posted all over the place the cost of casts and other services not covered by OHIP.     Is the price list all over the Ajax Hospital fracture area?  Are the patients guided to review it?   Pretty bad that when you are in pain these are choices you have to make.

I tagged Joe Dickson in my facebook comments but an official email should be sent to his office to inquire about procedures at the Hospital in this area. 

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