Too late to appeal Freedom Information request denial

I looked in my package to start filling out the form and I only had 30 days!  Doh!!!  It was in the letter so I was told, my eyes must have skipped over the 30 day window. 

I guess I figured I had 6 months , not sure why that was in my head. 

I can’t go any further with it. 

If something like this happens again you can be sure I will act faster!

One Response to “Too late to appeal Freedom Information request denial”

  1. Marsha Dooley Says:

    What if someone else was to go through the same process?

    Admin: The time limit was 30 days from the receipt of my letter. The clock for someone else starts the day they receive their rejection letter. You can see I am expecting the same outcome for someone else. Someone could ask for the same thing I did. Then appeal under their name.

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