Concerned Citizens for Smart Transit - Facebook Group

I was recently contacted by someone I met over 5 years ago who shared my interest for Transit in Durham Region.   I created the group called Concerned Citizens for Smart Transit– I had buttons made that said “Help! I don’t work downtown Toronto”  I did the best I could with it, metroland even offered me a blog , I called it Transit Nightmares.   It was fun but in time I ran out of new stuff to write about!   I was advocating for better transit before my employer moved from North York to Mississauga.  I went to Transit Advisory Committee meetings.

My contact said the group should be revived, he told me transit in Durham is costing us $9.30 a ride per taxpayer.   I think part of this is due to the Region having to pay the full cost to GO transit for the Highway 2 service on a DRT ticket fare.  Is it value for our money?

I had to give up my use of transit as I am working in Mississauga and it just did not work for me.   I do carpool though.

If you are interested in the facebook group just do a search on the name above and you can be added to it.

Durham Transit riders deserve better!  Highschool students , College/University Students , Commuters , Employers.

This is a provincial election period and Transit needs to be high on the priority!  

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