Incinerator- Lawsuit filed — using Zoning as argument

I received an email asking for donations for legal costs, DurhamCLEAR filed suit , more information is on their website, I don’t have the link handy but you can try this one, .  The group that had that site is DurhamCLEAR.

Here is link:

The incinerator location is not currently zoned to allow for the purpose of incineration so the email said this is the easiest route to go.

August 12th is the preliminary court date in Oshawa.

This is going to be a fight to the very end!

4 Responses to “Incinerator- Lawsuit filed — using Zoning as argument”

  1. Brian Johnson Says:

    So after we’ve reduced, reused and recycled everything that we can would DurhamCLEAR prefer we bury our garbage?

    Admin: No I don’t think it is just that, they also argue there is better technology then the current incineration method I believe.

  2. Kathy Lennox Says:

    Living within walking distance of the Pickering landfill site, I know that communities have to take their share of responsibility for dealing with waste. The DurhamCLEAR website doesn’t clearly outline alternatives. I would like to know what those would be before I support their cause.

    Admin: Others have expressed a similar opinion, what else is there? I have always said that 0 waste, a noble effort and something I wish we could do, is just not realistic in our current world. Can you recycle a tube of toothpaste? Can we recycle the plastics with the number 3 yet?

  3. SM Says:

    I think we’re running out of time, space, and options for the disposing of our garbage.

    I’m not taking sides but regardless of which method is chosen for disposing of the waste, it’s going to have some impact on the enviroment. Burying garbage is a short term solution. Nobody wants a dump in their backyard so finding a suitable location is difficult. Then there’s all the red tape you have to go through before it can be approved. It takes DECADES perhaps CENTURIES for this stuff to decompose. I know first hand and have seen old dumps opened up. Everybody goes about their business and is happy for the next 20-25 years until the dump reaches capacity and then we’re back to where we started. It’s just one big circle.

    Burning the garbage seems the most logical and the quickest way to get rid of our waste and I believe power can be generated. They do this over in Europe. If it can be proven that the enviromental impact is small then I’d say this is the best way to go. The problem is trying to agree on a location and again nobody wants it in their backyard. Just like the wind turbines. Everyone wants them but not in their backyard. Can’t have it both ways.

  4. Allen Says:

    I am not picking sides yet… I just wanted to point out that the Region of Peel and Algonquin Power have been generating power from waste for many years. Interested person can do a little reading on the Region of Peel website.

    I do side with SM’s opinion that we once we bury the garbage we just look for the next site. I grew up in north east of Scarborough and recall the stench from the Bear Rd. dump when I was younger. 30 years later I still think it is a disgustingly ugly eyesore in the Rouge Park and often wonder what plagued is lurking under the top 5 feet of grass or when it’s just going to blow-up.

    When I moved to Ajax I certainly made sure that I was uphill from the Brock Rd. landfill(s) far away from leeching. I was glad to see that they are recovering the gases for thermal generation but who is really watching what is flowing down under to the Seaton Trail & Duffins Creek?

    As many of you, I will be keeping a keen eye and watching closely the technical data that will be published on the Clarington site. I will not however financially support a legal action based on a zoning technicality. Too bad it wasn’t awarded to a Canadian company who maybe would care a little more about the local people & the environment.

    Admin: Well said, I drive by the one in Peel when on the 407. I do not agree with burying garbage either.

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