Freedom of a little Information

Update to my Freedom of Information request in the Town of Ajax (FOI) - I will add FOI to my Municipal lingo cheatsheet-  As suggested by a reader I clarified my request and the Town did not charge me another $5.00 , I have received a new response and an index of records I will receive and records I won’t be getting and the reason why. 

 I am not posting anything until after I pick up the package and read it.  I am not getting some of the information I asked for.   July 29th is my next day off from my regular job and that is when I requested the package be ready.    

I have learned that Town only cares about the contractor– the Contractor can sub contract and that sub contractor can sub contract so the names of companies involved are not necessarily part of the public record. 

I do look forward to reading through the info I will get, make a final decision at that point about appealing regarding the records that will not be released.

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  1. Kathy Says:

    Did you ever get your FOI package? Thanks for all the work you do for Ajax.

    Admin: Thanks for the comment, I picked up the documents Friday and it is an interesting read but not really usefull in any way. I will scan a page of it and upload it and explain why I was seeking it in the first place. I do think I am going to appeal to the Privacy commission, I am only wanting company names and I do not believe it predjudices future contract opportunities with the Town. The minimum I am wanting is the page from the unsuccessful bids that lists the subcontractors they were planning to use.

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