Councillor Report Cards– I don’t have one - Bike Lanes

I see the report cards are out but since I have not made it out to a meeting practically all term I would not feel right about issuing one.  Council as a whole and the Councillors.

I pick and choose what I am interested in  like most people, I find it impossible to keep up on everything AND have a full time job that takes me to Mississauga and back.   My peeve about expenses is multiple councillors going to the same conference. 

Still waiting to hear on Freedom of information request submitted,  it has only been a week though.

I read that the Bike lanes were rejected and that “Sharrows” are what will be in place.  I was at that April 28th meeting they are referring to,  it was confusing to say the least.   I disagree that another meeting is not required with residents.   The residents had valuable feedback as to the route chosen and the lack of bike lanes to the GO station, that is where everyone is going on a bike., not on Kerrison Drive. 

If a street has Sharrows, this could be an area to investigate the idea of parking on one side of the road for half the month, then they switch to the other side for remainder of the month.  If the cars are on one side to act as traffic calming for half the month one side of the street will not have the sharrows blocked by cars.  Why not try a pilot project.  The residents were overall concerned about safefty for everyone and those on bikes, cars on both sides of the street if that is happening up there is a hazard for kids and drivers. 

A Sharrow is pavement markings that indicate awareness of cyclists and to share the road but they an still be knocked off by a car door opening and they still have to dodge parked cars.  

The issue then is the parked cars and the managing of those parked cars so the road is safer for kids, drivers and the cyclists.


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  1. SM Says:

    I can’t help but yawn at the latest report card. Hardly anything ever changes from one report to another. Sometimes it feels like we’re living in the twilight zone because some members of this council have been in there now for what feels like a lifetime and manage to remain popular in these report cards.

    Bike lanes are popping up everywhere. We have to follow in Toronto’s footsteps and create bike lanes that hardly anyone ever uses. Some of the locations they’ve chosen to designate as bike lanes is rather questionable. I know of one particular residental street that has them on both sides and it’s screwed up the on-street parking for some people. I don’t recall the town sending out a questionaire asking whether residents would approve of this in front of their homes. I also have to laugh because there’s another section of road that has these new bike lanes and it’s in major need of being resurfaced!. Why paint them on a crumbling road?.

    Instead of worrying about bike lanes… perhaps we could focus on all the empty buses we have going up and down our streets. I know that’s a regional issue but there’s a bus that goes past my place and there’s never more than 2 people on it. I’m up early for work through the week and it’s going past my house at 5am and there’s never anybody on the bus.

    No sense complaining to the our elected officials because nobody would listen (or care).

    Admin: Residents should be consulted because they have a stake in their neighbourhood BUT we don’t own the space on the road in front of our houses, this is what I feel is the basis of our ever increasing on street parking. I don’t want to see permit parking because we don’t have a top notch transit system to get people off the roads but I want the practice of both side of the street parking to end, bike lane or not. Transit is a service and it needs to be there for those that do need it, if our service was better people would use it. I contacted Kingston a few years ago but no one got back to me, there are smaller buses that could be used that cost less and use less gas. Neighbourhood routes should feed grid routes where a larger bus is warranted

  2. Marsha Dooley Says:

    Regarding the proposed bike lanes on Delaney Drive, the Town of Ajax sent out a letter advising residents of the pending meeting the following month to implement bike lanes on Delaney. People are busy with their lives and their children. They just don’t pay attention and didn’t feel they could make a difference. The week of the meeting I spent a day calling the residents asking them to attend the meeting to have their voice heard. I was inspired by the turn out, except for one or two from Magill or Kerrison all in attendance were from Delaney. After the meeting I followed up by knocking on doors to sign a petition. Residents did not realize their friends and family would not be able to park on the street when visiting. Most when signing didn’t think the petition would make any difference. Mr. Baker would be proud because together we did make a difference.
    Ajax is going to have major parking problems in the future with all the high density development. Four bedroom homes with a driveway for one car. The children in those four bedroom homes grow up with no place for their transportation to get to work and school. Their first major purchase before moving out is a car to get to work, even via the GO train. Ajax transit service needs significant improvement in order to get people viewing public transit as a viable option.

  3. SM Says:

    If we as taxpayers and residents of this town don’t own the space in front of our homes then who does?. I’m not suggesting that a reserved spot should be put aside with my name on it. I’m simpy making the point that on-street parking shouldn’t be a problem if it’s during the summer months, on one side of the street, and not blocking any fire hydrants or causing a traffic slowdown. We pay enough damn tax in this town and should at least be entitled to have on-street parking if we’ve got family or friends visiting. Honestly Karem, this isn’t a problem the entire town is faced with. The older areas have larger driveways and wider streets. I know your particular area has issues. I can’t help but shake my head at some of the new subdivisions in the north end. Some of these homes barely have enough space for one vehicle. I’ve heard people argue that homeowners should start parking their vehicles in the garage (if equipped). That’s not always possible either. Have you tried parking a minivan in one of these newer homes with a garage?. You’d be lucky if you could get the door shut.

    We shouldn’t be forced into using public transit simply because there isn’t enough driveway space for a second family vehicle. Who at the Town of Ajax approves these small & tight subdivisons to be built with only a 1 car driveway?. That’s where the problem is. Some of these areas remind me of old Toronto with the narrow streets and laneways where they’d keep their horse and buggy.

    I think we’ve exhausted all ideas for improving the transit service in Durham and the GTA. I’m not even sure that residents would use the service if bus fares were scrapped all together.

    Admin: Yes the taxpayers own the road , I mean that we can’t see the road as our own exclusive use for parking. Like I said, I would prefer to see parking kept to one side of the street and alternate if that is preferable. Our street is pretty good but the streets around me. It is the bulders that are tryign to get in as many houses per sq.ft as possible! The council approves it or they go to OMB!. Not much choice I guess.

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