Those damn parked cars on Knapton!

When I visit my friends in Peterborough I have to pay attention to the signs telling me which side of the street I can park on.  They don’t allow you to park your car on both sides of the street.  They split the month and from the 1st to the 15th you park on one side and from the 16th to the end of the month you can park on the other. 

Every morning I drive down my street and dodge the cars on Knapton while I make my way to Westney Road and every day there are cars parked in front of houses on both sides.    This makes it very difficult to drive and if there is a car coming from the opposite side someone has to be the gracious person and stop and wave the other through.  

We should allow parking on one side of the street only — on narrow streets, which would be most new streets in this Town.

Cars are parked on Knapton all night also, once in a while I see tickets from a blitz but I don’t care if the cars are parked on the road, I just hate it when they are on both sides of the street.

I don’t think our bylaw should only ticket on a complaint process as it creates the environment of people ratting on their neighbours, we pay bylaw to patrol and enforce don’t we?

Do we need a bylaw to stop parking on both sides of the street?   I am not in support of permit parking on the street as that is just a cash grab, I just want to have less car dodging.

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  1. Marsha Dooley Says:

    There are a number of complaints in Pickering Village of cars parked all day on Old Kingston Road. There is limited parking for the businesses. Some people working in the Village choose to park all day on the street when they can park elsewhere. They choose not to leave the on street parking to customers during business hours. Bylaw officers have been advised but choose to ignore. The various workings of parking bylaw officers has been an issue throughout Ajax. Historically bylaw does not ignore parking on LakeDriveway.

  2. SM Says:

    Glad to see a new topic. Welcome back!

    I agree that parking should be limited to one side of the street… provided it’s not causing a problem with the flow of traffic. I’ve never really had any problems on my street with parking during the summer months and by-law for the most part has been pretty good at only tagging cars when somebody complains. Although, in recent times I’ve noticed that they’ve got a private security firm issuing the tickets during the off hours. I have witnessed them pick and choose which vehicles they tag. Unfortunately, you may live beside neighbours who for whatever reason don’t like you and decide to make your life miserable by ratting you out to the by-law. Your street sounds like a problem… but for the most part on-street parking isn’t doing any harm unless it’s restricting the flow of traffic, causing problems with snow removal, bus routes, etc. A lot of times these complaints come from “busy bodies” who have nothing better to do then rat out their fellow neighbours. By-law needs to use common sense when issuing these tickets because in 99% of the cases, the parked cars are not doing any harm and there’s really to basis to the complaint other than somebody getting their kicks out of seeing you tagged.

    Part of the problem in these newer subdivisions is that the driveways aren’t large enough to accomodate 2 cars. Some of them barely fit one!. Not all houses have a garage. Those that do are usually filled with junk because the newer lots are so small that there’s no room to put anything in a shed. All future development involving subdivisions should take this into account.

    Admin: I don’t live on Knapton, it is a street I drive on to get to Westney Road from my street. My street does not have the same level of street parking occuring on a daily basis. If cars are only on one side of the street it does slow cars down , which is good for traffic calming actually - 2 cars can slowly drive past one another without stopping. Cars parked on both sides causes one side to have to stop and wave the others thru. On the mornings for garbage collection it makes it more difficult to pass. All the houses have 2 car driveways and garages and I have seen a full driveway with 4 cars actually, a few look like they have converted the garages to living space. They don’t appear to have standard garage doors anymore.

  3. Michael Baker Says:

    The streets of our new subdivision built by Tribute (Runnymede) are so narrow that with parking on both sides of the streets (which was originally allowed) emergency vehicles were not able to get up & down our streets. I complained. Well over a year later a Traffic Management Plan was developed that allowed parking on only one side of the street in our community. The same problem existed in the Lakeside community also built by Tribute.
    Recently I complained through my members of council about a Runnymede site in our community that is yet to be developed that is beside a neighbourhood plaza just recently built by Runnymede. One councillor directed my complaint to staff. Almost one month later staff responded saying that they disagreed with my complaint saying that no bylaw had been broken. The other member of council not only showed my complaint to a staff member of Runnymede but also sent him my email. Needless to say Runnymede also disagreed with my complaint.
    We have one set of rules for we the people that are inconsistently & unfairly enforced by the bylaw staff & another set for developers who appear to me to be above the laws of Ajax.
    We have bylaws & we have bylaws. Enforcing our bylaws … now there’s the rub!

    Admin: Is there a bylaw that was broken? or is a bylaw needed? If there is no bylaw then that’s all they can say.

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